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Cultivating your own marijuana inside comes with big advantages, though it might not be for everyone. It definitely helps when if you have green thumbs and then you'll also need to find a suitable strain. There are so many cannabis strains. Which marijuana seeds are most suitable to grow indoors?

Indoor Growing Tent Marijuana Seeds Of course this question is not easy to answer, so many people, so many wishes. By shedding light on the most cultivated marijuana strains, we want to make the choice from the best strains somewhat easier.

Which type is favorite?
To select the best marijuana strains, you need to select several features you are looking for in a strain. Think about the size of the plant, the amount of weeks of the flowering period and the yield. But also think about taste and the effect of the marijuana, things you have to think about before you make a choice. It is even important if you are an experienced or starting grower, because not with all marijuana it is easy to reach a full harvest.

Examples and information
Of course you can also choose to grow a well-known marijuana strains. An easy-to-grow indoor strain about which you can find good information on cultivation on the Internet. But sometimes you prefer to take the challenge in that 'one special type' that cannot be found in any coffee shop. Of course, it's nice to say about a Joint that you pass around that you chose to grow 'this strain' yourself.

Indica vs Sativa cannabis plant

needs more space Many characteristics of a Sativa are the opposite of an Indica. The plant can grow very big, the leaves have long, small fingers. The effect of the marijuana is energetic, more high. The flowering period is long, about 10 to 12 weeks. Haze strains are mainly Sativa.
is compact The different strains of marijuana to grow indoors can be divided into Indica, Sativa and hybrids. Indica strains are often compact plants with heavy buds. The leaves of the plant have thick fingers. The effect of the weed is mainly stoned, relaxing and suitable for medicinal use. The flowering period is short, about 8 weeks and the harvest can be big.



Hybrid is a compromise
To bring together the best characteristics if Indica and Sativa many hybrid strains were developed. The Hybrid marijuana seeds are interbred in such a way that the good properties of both types are combined.


Germinating marijuana seeds
Most marijuana plants that are cultivated indoors, have a growing period and a flowering period. Autoflowers are an exception to this, they are described in a different article on this site: Autoflower marijuana seeds. The germination of a marijuana seed is a secure process. Often something happens to the seed which prevents germination or results in a bad germination. Of importance is that you work with clean hands and use water with the right pH value, such as mineral water from Spa (non-carbonated water).

The marijuana plant now needs to grow
After the germination of the seed, planted in the soil and emerged, the plant will receive 18 hours of artificial light per day. This amount of artificial light is necessary to let the plant develop well to a bigger size. For indoor cultivation it is essential that for the hours when the plant does not receive any light, the environment is completely dark. Depending on how big the strain can and is allowed to grow, you determine the flowering period. On average 3 to 5 weeks is sufficient for the plant to enter into its flowering phase.

The flowering phase for indoor cultivation
In the flowering phase, the plant receives 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness. This way, we let the plant 'think' that it is autumn so he will start flowering. The flowering period is different per plant, and varies in between 8 and 14 weeks.

Buy feminized seeds
Most cannabis seeds are feminized nowadays. This increases the chance on female plants to more than 99%. Female flowers provide buds at the end of the flowering phase where male plants can actually only be used for ropes and clothes.

Many known marijuana strains at home and abroad come originally from Dutch seed breeders. These are strains that are known about the high level of THC and mostly give a deep, stoned effect. Often these types are not so difficult to grow and have a short flowering phase. Genetically these strains are Indica hybrids.



The 5 best, most legendary, successful, prize-winning marijuana strains are:

1: White Widow, this strain has been developed by Greenhouse and probably won most Cannabis Cups ever. White Widow seeds are available from Greenhouse, Dutch Passion, Kulu, Royal Queen Seeds and Private Label.

2: Power Plant, originating from the same period at the end of the nineties comes the Power Plant. Developed by Dutch Passion, with genetic roots from South Africa. Power Plant seeds are available from Dutch Passion and Private Label.

3: Northern Light is a real old school strain from the 70s. In the 80s this strain came from the United States to the Netherlands. Northern Light seeds are available from Royal Queen Seeds and Private Label.

4: Cheese, a cup-winning strain with originally English genetics. The name refers to the smell of the plant when it is flowering. Cheese seeds are available from Greenhouse, Royal Queen and Private Label.
5: Sweet Bubble is another legendary strain, discovered via the United States and England in the Netherlands and directly won prizes. The sweet smell resembles, you probably already guessed, the original Bubble Gum (r). Sweet Bubble seeds are available from Private Label.

Sativa Haze marijuana seeds
Haze strains are genetically Sativas and Sativa dominant hybrids. The flowering period of the Haze strains vary in between 10 and 12 weeks, depending on the strain. Fans of quickly hitting in and increasing mental highs should take the extra long flowering period for granted. The yield of the Haze can be abundant.

Haze is not for beginners
Some experience in cultivation is desired, Haze strains have slightly different demands than the average Indica dominant hybrid. For example, Haze do not like to stay dry so the soil has to be more humid than normally. Haze strains grow large and are known about the quick growth spurt at the start of the flowering phase. For this reason, the growth phase can be kept short and even skipped completely, which can result in interesting time savings.



The top 5 best Haze strains.

1: Amnesia Haze, one of the best known Haze strains, legendary from the 70s. The name Amnesia means memory loss, and comes from the quickly hitting effect. Amnesia Haze is a Cup winner and available from Royal Queen Seeds and Private Label.

2: Super Silver Haze, another legendary Haze strain that is known everywhere and which won many prizes. Is known about its relaxing effect, one of the most famous Sativa highs in the world. Super Silver Haze seeds are available from Royal Queen Seeds and Private Label

3: G13 Haze, for a Sativa this Haze stays relatively small and compact and is therefore ideal for small growing rooms. This strain from Barney's Farm already won many prizes and is loved because of its powerful effect.

4: Arjans Haze, a pure Sativa developed by the founder / owner of Greenhouse Seeds. Grows very fast and produces a high-quality weed. Known and loved by many and winner of the Cannabis Cup.

5: Hawaiian Snow, also from Greenhouse Seeds has a high THC content of a good 23%! The effect of this marijuana starts slowly but is long-lasting. Is experienced as mood-improving and social. Won several prizes.

Something for everybody
On the big advantages of growing your own weed from seeds is that you can choose from many marijuana strains. Legendary, proven strains such as Blue Berry, Jack Herer, Master Kush and Vanilla Kush.

Purple Haze Positronics Seeds
Strains with a lot of THC, such as Sweet Tooth and Tangerine Dream from Barney or A.M.S. from Greenhouse Seeds. Special strains to enter the challenge such as Mehkong High or Durban Poison from Dutch Passion.

New types of marijuana seeds
Ever more new types of marijuana seeds are added but also old forgotten types are re-invigorated by crossing them. An example is the re-introduction of the legendary Purple Haze #1 from Positronics. This Haze strain is even immortalized by Jimmy Hendrix in a song.


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