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ACEH BESAR - A joint team from the Directorate of Narcotics at the National Police Headquarters, Directorate of Narcotics at the Aceh Regional Police, Brimob Polda Aceh and Polres Aceh Besar, carried out the destruction of more than 16 hectares of marijuana fields at the foot of the Seulawah mountain range. Precisely in Meusale Lhok Village, Indrapuri District, Aceh Besar Regency,

To get to the location, the team must try out the heavy terrain by passing steep hills. The team moved from Banda Aceh on Monday morning around 09.20 by riding around 15 cars. About an hour's drive, the team was forced to get out of the car and continue the trek about a kilometer because the vehicle could not be passed.

The marijuana field was found at several points where the location was not far apart. Illegal goods are then revoked and burned at the site.


The burning was led directly by the Director of Criminal Investigation of Bareskrim Polri, Pol Brigadier General Eko Daniyanto accompanied by Katim Dittipidnarkoba Bareskrim NIC Task Force, AKBP Dony Setiawan, Director of the Aceh Regional Police Resnarkoba and 40 Aceh Sabhara Regional Police Directorate, 12 Gegana-Brimob personnel, 30 Detective Directorate personnel Aceh Regional Police Narcotics, and 25 Sabhara Police Officers in Aceh Besar District Police. "From Bareskrim itself we left 10 people from Jakarta," said Brigadier General Eko.

Pol Brigadier General Eko Daniyanto revealed the first field point was found to be 2 ha, the second point was 12 ha and the third point was more than 2 ha. While the height of the field ranges from 1.5 to 2.8 meters.


The marijuana fields are planted with different periods of time for one month. This is done so that at the time of harvest it will not coincide with such a large number.

"The discovery of the marijuana fields resulted from the development of the discovery of a syndicate of drug dealers in Lampung two months ago that reached nearly one ton," he said.

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sooo sad


what a waste

Do you wanna know what the face of evil looks like? It's the men in the photo lighting the cannabis on fire. "Just following orders" is not an excuse.


pure evil

Wtf, this is why we should keep fighting for the discrimination of this plant, this is really a bad one. Damn!!! This government sucks


wasted and burned to ash

holy smoke!
Too much of a waste.


tons of it ... vanished into thin air