8 months behind bars and fine US$.720.000 for treat his suffered wife with cannabis

2 years ago

the story of Fidelis Ari 's wife who suffered a rare disease, Syringomyelia.

Reporting from Wikipedia Syringomyelia is a fluid cyst in the spinal cord.

Over time, these cysts can enlarge and spread to other parts of the body causing unbearable pain to damage the bones.

This disease is caused by a tumor in the spinal cord, injury and damage to the spinal cord.

Reported by the East Tribune, the family has sought all medical and non-medical treatment but unfortunately this did not work until finally the family of Fidelis Ari Sudarwoto was forced to use marijuana as an alternative treatment.

The man who is familiarly called Ari said that he knew the use of marijuana from several foreign media sites.
He found an article on Google, about Cannabis Sativa leaf extract aka marijuana that can relieve the pain that the wife felt and hoped there would be a miracle after consuming the marijuana.

Sure enough, in the story it was mentioned that after routinely consuming marijuana extract his wife's condition began to improve.

"Those who previously had difficulty sleeping, after consuming marijuana extract, could have a good night, which at first had difficulty eating, now had begun to eat, which at first did not want to talk, now was good at telling stories, including stories of his past," said written

"Since using marijuana extract, my sister-in-law has shown signs of healing," said Yohana, Fidelis's sibling Ari Sudarwoto.

But unfortunately, he had not had the chance to heal his wife, Fedelis was caught red-handed by the Sanggau District National Narcotics Agency (BNNK), West Kalimantan with 39 pieces of marijuana he had planted.

As if fate was not in favor of Ari, after 32 days of being held by the police the wife did not get treatment and finally she died.

On Monday (3/27/2017) Fedelis Ari was closely escorted by Sanggau National Narcotics Agency officials and the Sanggau police station was allowed to go home to visit his wife's body one last time.

Wearing all-black clothes, Ari approached the child who was sitting alone on the porch of his house.
He held the shoulder of his heart and said something.
Feelings of sadness emanated from both of them, his son appeared silent and bowed his head.


Fidelis Arie can now return to breathe free air after nearly 8 months in prison. Fidelis is a prisoner in possession of a marijuana plant in Sanggau, West Kalimantan.

"So Fidelis was granted a conditional leave request starting October 15 or today," said Fidelis Legal Advisor, Marcelina Iin, when confirmed by AFP on Sunday (10/15/2017).

He reasoned to plant marijuana trees to treat his wife Yeni Riawati who suffered from syringomyelia. Even though they have stated the reason and the results of negative drug urine tests, the law is still running.

Fidelis was officially detained on February 19, 2017 by BNNK Sanggau, West Kalimantan. After Fidelis left for prison, Yeni's condition gradually declined and he died on March 25, 2017.

Sanggau National Narcotics Agency continued processing the Fidelis case file until it arrived at the court, this thin man was sued by a prosecutor for 5 months in prison. He was even sentenced by the Panel of Judges, a verdict that was more severe than the prosecutor's demands, namely 8 months in prison and a fine of Rp. 1 billion in a month.

Sentenced to eight months in prison is greater than the prosecutor's demands. Whereas in his consideration the judge acknowledged the fact that Fidelis

When his detention period was almost complete, the conditional free application filed by Fidelis was granted by the West Kalimantan Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion. Fidelis went out of jail with the requirement to report once a month to Sintang Prison.

"The activity is tomorrow, we will report to the Sintang Correctional Institution, because during this conditional leave Fidel must report once a month. After that we will ask what information there we have until the sentence expires," said brother Fidelis, Yohanna told AFP .

His family and friends picked up the man with two children, after Fidelis's footsteps crossed the threshold of the prison. Friends from the Tua Iron Community (Kombest) motorcycle club presented the Kawasaki Binter Merzy motorbike released in 1981, to be boarded by Fidelis.

"You're welcome outside of us now," said friend Fidelis while embracing him, recorded in the video of freedom of Fidelis, as received by AFP .

With a Kombest uniform leather vest and a black half face helmet, Fidelis stepped on the gas leaving the prison. His first goal was the tomb of his wife, Yeni.

"Yes indeed he had been silent, had time to daydream while looking at his wife's grave. Sad indeed because of the 3-day warning, 7 days, 40 days, 100 days after the death of Yeni, Fidelis could not attend the service," Yohanna explained.

"But he is happy now too. At times he missed his wife, he could make a pilgrimage," continued Yohanna.

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