Celebrating Smoke.io - Spreading Kudos to the devs here!

2 years ago

I didn't take the "Before" pics! However, just little over the last fortnight or less I've noticed so many little tweaks and improvements happening here and there. New icons, layouts, tools, features, otherwise just subtle yet rapid and vast improvements. Great kudos to all involved - you know who you are!

Somewhere, there are smoke devs hustling away for us all to enjoy this amazing platform. Without even scratching the surface, I humbly assure you I know - these are a few quick observations, below!

  • The home feed has morphed into a thing of white simplistic beauty

  • Exactly the right controls are laid out to your fingertips!


  • Taking a mobile / responsive view, looks to work just as it should, and looks more than great at this stage in the game - as does the whole platform :)


  • Image uploads / IPFS got going, and now works a like a charm!


  • Last but not least, the block-explorer is beautiful to watch with a nice hot cup of tea and a joint ;)


That's not all! Put the best new features or fixes YOU spot in the comments, or feel free to discuss other features you'd love to have ... Let's show some of that love to the SMOKE.io dev team!

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Oh I know!!! Lovin' all the little tweaks and updates here too. I love user-friendly sites- I am not too computer or interface literate so this is a great thing for me.


Followed @goldendawne! For a moment there your name reminded me of Goldie Horn!

Great job with the screen snapshots. Nothing better to explain something than pointing to it with an arrow :)

People are visual people... Our eyes translate things to our brain a lot easier than text. :)



Yes! I do like to point things out, or have them pointed out in visuals ... Helps to get the message across and save people reading :)

I use a little tool called 'jing' to do these screenshots if anyone wonders :)


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