Shrooms VS Alcohol | Is non-cannabis related content ok?

last year

Hey smokers, I know you guys like marijuana for obvious reasons, but I have a bit of a wider range of interest including psychedelics, and it feels a bit weird to start talking about them, especially now on the early days when this whole Smoke Network is still morphing and everyone is hyped about their ability to talk freely about cannabis, but I figured that "why not?" In any case, it would be impossible for me to stay in cannabis for – like I've told – I'm interest in the drug issue as a whole. While that includes cannabis, the niche that this site is primarily targeted towards, it also includes a wide variety of things, like psychedelics, the war on drugs, and all the skewed perceptions we hold from drugs in general. So I'm more of a "holistic smoker" (damn, that would've made a good username) trying to find my place here.

Anyhow, relating to the theme of "unreasonable laws", I have a video for you from Psychedsubstance in Youtube (check him out, good stuff) comparing the pros and cons between alcohol and (psilocybin) mushrooms.

So, check out the video and give me your thoughts on whatever; this type of content on Smoke, about the video – should shrooms be legal like alcohol, or maybe your own idea why we ended up with alcohol being our drug of choice accepted by society. To control people? Or some other crazy conspiracy?

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