Everything you wanted to know about Feminized Seeds and did not dare to ask

2 years ago

In this article i will explain how female seeds are produced, why in growing with female seeds you can destroy a whole crop and how to use regular seeds and get a large and completely female crop.

Feminized seeds are marketed as an easy way to work with seeds and grow only female plants, but the reality is a bit more complicated. The truth is that replicating your favorite plant by biting is a more effective way to get a strong female plant. 

Genetics is always a kind of gamble, some of the seeds you look at will be successful and some will be a failure but from a random seed bag you can have at least one successful plant. In the past, cannabis growers planted about 100 seeds and waited to see what would grow. Some plants did not last long and others were healthy, strong and full of trichomes. Towers would uproot the weak plants and nurture the strong. 

This process is completed with a number of young, healthy cannabis plants that are transferred to larger plants and after 10 to 14 days, they are transferred to the blast by switching to a light cycle of 12/12 . This causes the plants to show their sex marks, so that the males can be quickly identified and removed from the tumor cavity. 

Despite the removal of males there are always some plants that have been pollinated by females who have exchanged sex. It turns out that cannabis plant has a feature that when it is stressed it develops male reproductive organs and fertilizes itself. Thus the plant ensures that it will reproduce even if another plant did not pollinate it. Plants that have replaced herpes are called hermaphrodites - a female plant with male and female reproductive organs. This feature of the cannabis plant is exploited to produce female seeds. 

Take two cuttings of a female plant, create stress in one of them until he develops male sex organs and then pair it with the other one. Since there is no male genetics in the semen, the seeds must be female. In practice, seeds grown to females receive 85% to 97% of the time and have the same characteristics as the original female plant. Now you can plant 30 to 40 seeds and get a tumor that is mostly females of the same size and genetics. 

As always, good things come with unwanted side effects. Females that evolved from female seeds have a disadvantage, many developed male branches and became rheumatoid when they got stressed. Although the seeds had no male genetics but was genetics sensitive to stress. Lighting problems, too high or too low temperatures and very quickly plants from female seeds become hermaphrodites. 

In order not to bet on seeds and their unexpected results it is better to take cuttings. Cut some of the plant with a sharp knife, dip in the rooting hormone and plant in rock wool until it takes root. If we have plants that we do not know their species take two cuttings from each plant, then use a lighting cycle of flowering to force the plant to reveal its species. Once males are identified (about 30% of them) remove them and their excretions from the tumor cavity, leaving us with female plants and their blacks. 

If the desire is to grow a full cavity in females with the same genes, then the way to achieve this is to multiply through cuttings. Plant a few seeds and take a lot of cuttings from each plant instead of just two. Then the mother plants are put into a flowering cycle and cause them to remove the signs of sex. Within ten days they identify the males and uproot them and their cuttings. Stay with some big females in bloom and their blacks. This makes our dream a reality: a full breeding space in females. 

Using the holes to obtain a room full of female cannabis plants is more economically profitable than growing the seeds of feminized that can easily develop into hermaphrodite plants. It is much simpler to raise many females than some seeds whose genetics are known. For example, if you got ten seeds from Cannabis, they should germinate and develop into ten seedlings. After three or four weeks, take ten cuttings from each of the plants and then transfer the plants to a light cycle of flowering. Remove the males when they see the signs of sex intact and get rid of their late ones, and eventually stay with more or less five advanced females and 50 cuttings that will grow to females with certainty of the same genes with no risk of developing to the Hermaphrodites. 

So at the price of ten seeds you have finished with dozens of completely female plants. Instead of procuring feminized seeds and getting a hermaphrodite and unsteady growth, you can use normal seeds and get completely female growth. Beyond that, ordinary seeds are usually cheaper than female seeds. So take that into consideration the next time you order seeds. 

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Great article. You seem to know a whole lot about seeds, Weldon!