Crack The Safu - The First Game Running On The Smoke Blockchain

8 months ago

Smoke Safu is game living on the Smoke blockchain. Buy the key, make a profit when the next person buys it and take your place as a Smoke Safu keyholder forever on the blockchain!

Round 1 has started with a 50 SMOKE Jackpot pre-seeded:

The game is simple in its rules but complex in its strategy:

Become the Key Owner by paying at least 1.02x the price the previous player paid for the key to:
@safu on (Psyche other players with memo's 🤬)

If you are the Key Owner and someone buys the key, you will get your money back plus a 2% profit! The difference between what you receive and the next person paid goes into the safu and the round extends by 10 minutes! 🤑

If you hold the key when the timer runs out, you win whatever is in the safu and a new round will begin shortly after! You will also be immortalized as the Key Owner of this round on the blockchain and in Safu History. 😎

Play the game at:

I am @professor, a developer and game designer. Before this, I have created some games on ETH and EOS... I won't tell you which ones, but there are similarities if you look hard enough.

The concept for this game came about after chatting to some of the witnesses and EOS community and despite this game not using a smart contract, it does utilize some pretty interesting math and a bot that handles all payouts... Everything is recorded on chain and off so that I can take a look after the rounds and improve.

I hope you enjoy the game and play responsibly! ... Please don't blame me if something breaks... Round 1 is uhhh, beta or whatever 🤪

Disclaimer: This is to explore and test interactions between accounts on the SMOKE blockchain. Don't transfer amounts of money that you can't risk to lose. No refunds can and will be paid in case of malfunction. The author disclaims all liability for the operation of the code. If for whatever reason, you believe buying keys to a virtual box is illegal in your jurisdiction, don't participate. By interacting with this website and sending smoke to @safu you accept these conditions.


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That's pretty cool. If I pay more than the min key price, does the next key price match that or go back to just +2%?


Yes if you pay more the previous person still gets his/her 2% and the difference between key price and new keyprice goes into the safu (Jackpot) .. and the key price goes up to what you paid + 3%

Only the last player can lose if the key price paid is higher than Jackpot, and since jackpot gets higher each time .. you do the maths :D


I have not played yet but I'm interested in the bad is that I'm new and I do not have much money to play

Bet there are going to be lots of transaction-battles with this game, haha! Well done!


Thank you.. I glad you play and enjoy :D

Please give feedback on how to improve future rounds.


Here's an idea: every user gets a limited amount of times they can buy the key per day / round, giving them the need to think strategically and plan their transactions.

If they go over the limit, they will get a refund (with a warning memo) for invalid transaction up to 3 times, if they send their fourth (and over) invalid purchase of a key, the smoke go to @safu to fund new rounds.


Thanks.. I will look into this idea. Maybe best to just make the key set price so ppl cant push up so fast.

Wow Prof, this is genius! Well what to say, glad to have you around!

Like the concept of the game very kool


Hi @professor

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This is great news! Thanks.

Lol. I have to look at this. I don't know if I will participate but I have to look at wtf is happening.


:D Ok. fair enough.

Awesome!! this looks like a great idea to have some fun and do some low risk gambling haha

Lets me give it a try Prof

PS- didnt know i have to use some smoke, didnt have any yet, just joined.


Feel free to have a go... You must get some liquid smoke coins first to play.

So amazing post friend

getting some Smoke from rudex today so i can give it a whirl!!


Round 2 started if you want to play while still low key price:

Works instant as soon as i sent the 500 it showed on the site... awesome work

Can we have a game for the minnows, i mean the one who don't have enough smoke to pay. So that they can also play but without paying as they don't have much at the moment, guys like me.