Crack The Safu - Round 2

last year

CRACK (1).jpg

Smoke Safu is game living on the Smoke blockchain. Buy the key, make a profit when the next person buys it and take your place as a Smoke Safu keyholder forever on the blockchain!

Round 1 has ended succesfully.

@hash won the round by paying 420 Smoke for the key and won 465.326 Smoke in the pot!

... Everyone else made a 2% profit on there bets.

Where did the extra coins come from you ask...?

Well, the Jackpot is seeded using rewards from the upvotes... Fancy that.

Players round 1 included: @xves, @chronocrypto, @smokebeast, @macgruber420... Thanks for playing!

Round 2 has started with a 50 SMOKE Jackpot pre-seeded:

Round 2 is now 10 days, instead of 1 day and each participant extends the clock by 10min

The game is simple in its rules but complex in its strategy:

Become the Key Owner by paying at least 1.02x the price the previous player paid for the key to:
@safu on (Psyche other players with memo's 🤬)

If you are the Key Owner and someone buys the key, you will get your money back plus a 2% profit! The difference between what you receive and the next person paid goes into the safu and the round extends by 10 minutes! 🤑

If you hold the key when the timer runs out, you win whatever is in the safu and a new round will begin shortly after! You will also be immortalized as the Key Owner of this round on the blockchain and in Safu History. 😎

Play the game at:

I am @professor, a developer and game designer. Before this, I have created some games on ETH and EOS... I won't tell you which ones, but there are similarities if you look hard enough.

The concept for this game came about after chatting to some of the witnesses and EOS community and despite this game not using a smart contract, it does utilize some pretty interesting math and a bot that handles all payouts... Everything is recorded on chain and off so that I can take a look after the rounds and improve.

I hope you enjoy the game and play responsibly! ... Please don't blame me if something breaks... Round 2 is uhhh, still beta or whatever 🤪

.. As always, leave your thoughts and ideas for improvements in the comments below. (If anyone would like to sponsor moving this game to other chains such as steem, wls or vit please find me in the smoke hostel discord: )

Disclaimer: This is to explore and test interactions between accounts on the SMOKE blockchain. Don't transfer amounts of money that you can't risk to lose. No refunds can and will be paid in case of malfunction. The author disclaims all liability for the operation of the code. If for whatever reason, you believe buying keys to a virtual box is illegal in your jurisdiction, don't participate. By interacting with this website and sending smoke to @safu you accept these conditions.

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wow...just viewed that wanna to tryout.

Great to see this platform is not only running i think flying fastly and will grow the community by integrating games and other dApps and apps or games with the smoke blockchain. Loved the crack the safu @professor Keep it up


Agreed with you this is going to be huge rewarding platform and if we dont think about rewards this is the freedom we want is for sure and having some great apps and games over it will add scent to the gold.


Very true @smoke-app

Crack it.

I need to liquidate some smoke!

The key price has grown bigger than what's in the vault but it seems the players don't care :D


I know :D . This is where the risk comes in to play now :D


Is the value of the vault the same as the value of this post?


The value of the vault is affected by the players. It started at 50 SMOKE but got pushed by hundreds.

It goes like this:

  1. Vault starts at 50 SMOKE, Key price is... let's say 1 SMOKE for example.
  2. A player (P2) buys the key for 10 SMOKE instead.
  3. The previous person who had the key (P1) gets their money + 2% of what they (P1) paid for the key back;
  4. The vault value is increased by the remaining SMOKE of the player's (P2) bet.
  5. Vault value is now somewhere around 58-59 SMOKE, the key costs around 11 SMOKE.
  6. Player 3 buys the key for 50 SMOKE. Player 2 gets their 10 SMOKE + 2% of the 10 SMOKE back. Vault value increases by ~38 SMOKE (vault is now worth ~96 SMOKE, the key costs ~51-52 SMOKE)

And so on. (At least that's how I understand the game).

People purchase the key by sending transactions to user @safu, it processes everything automatically. It's important to keep an eye on the game site to not bet less or too much over the key's worth.

No longer doing this?