Reef Dispensaries Review (Las Vegas, NV) (Negative Review)

8 months ago

I really wanted this to be a positive review, I swear


Hello, Smokers!

So I just got back from Reef Dispensaries and I wish I had better things to post.

"What could go wrong? It's a dispensary." You might ask. Also, since this was the first time going to Reef since the launch of and my getting involved, I was excited to take some time to mention the platform and tell them to sign up and spread the word!

Well, everything started off ok. Got there around 7am, 2018-10-15. I went through security fine, they always do a very professional job. Top notch, can't fault them.

I was waiting in line, maybe about five minutes. The budtenders were tending to their people like you would expect them to, giving customer service. You know, their job.

As a line formed behind me and I was starting to wonder when I would be next, I was also thinking, "Well, the budtenders are taking a bit, but so long as I get the same quality of service then it's all good."

I swear that not a second passed from me thinking that, that some white guy in a Reef shirt comes up to me in line (Highly irregular, suspicious, and unprofessional) and asks "Do you know what you want?"

"Uhhh, Sativa, flower."

He shoots off, "Ok, Jack Herer, you want a gram?"

"Well a quarter..."

"Ok, meet me at the middle window." (They have windows for phone orders)

Since I've never been to the pick-up windows I tried to get my bearings on where to go but by that time a budtender opened up so the Reef employee barks, "Oh, you can go to her, (now to her) He wants Jack Herer, a quarter!"

I gladly went up to the budtender since I didn't know who this other asshole was. He seemed to think he was important, possibly a manager?

The budtender lady did what she could to be cordial, but at that point, she was swimming upstream.

She got the bud, but then realized that she hadn't even greeted me, gotten my ID, asked me a single question, etc. and I said, "Yeah, I guess we're skipping steps today." Since that guy obviously threw her off her game ordering her to get me something I didn't even ask for.

She really wanted to recommend something else, but by the time that they're already ringing up the order it's kind of silly, so I, unfortunately, didn't hear that bit.

Long story short, I went from being excited to go in and spend $100 and talk about this great platform to walking out with the same strain I reviewed last time thinking, "Whatever, I can smoke it."

They basically punished me for waiting patiently in line while other customers got good service.

Lets Review What the Reef Guy Did Wrong

  1. Approached me in line.
  2. Gave me a selection of One (1) total strain.
  3. Assumed I was some scrub and tried to sell me a gram.
  4. Bypassed the entire customer service section of the job by rudely telling the budtender what his tiny brain thought I wanted.
  5. Rushed a good customer while interrupting me because HE was in a hurry to move the line.

If I wanted service like this, there are plenty of junkies on street corners. Reef should want to be above this standard.

So, no new strain to review or good news about publicity for the site, but at least I know my time with Reef is probably short.

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Lol I guess there are some perks to staying in the line. Always hate those freaking long lines but in your instance it might have been better if you had just ignored that dude. Planning on going back?

Oh and did you ever had the chance to mention the platform to anyone at the Reef Dispensaries?


Naw, I felt like I was railroaded.

When I realized they weren't going to listen to anything I said, let alone about I thought of the line from 'Boiler Room,' "Fine, I'll take you off my list of successful people today!"

I'm not trying to get egotistical, but maybe next time I should wear an official " Witness" jacket and namebadge so they know I'm not there to play.

Edit: oh, and I'll probably check out Reef's other location after I check out this Jardin that @heaterville mentioned. They have a point system for repeat customers so I'll cash out my $25 from reef later at least. (I used to buy from them often)


Never watched 'Boiler Room' before. Might put on my list of movies to watch.

I would definitely suggest you get that jacket or t-shirt printed asap. You'll be like a walking billboard for your " Witness" campaign.

Check out if you want to your own custom t-shirt/hoodie printed. You just upload the design and order it yourself.

Point systems are good. Helps to pay the bills, the weed bills at least.

You should've checked out that Jupiter OG that shit was fire and fresh. Other than that , most of the time its hit and miss there but at least you get to smell the flower unlike most of these other stores out here. Have you checked out Jardin??


No, I will google this, thank you!

Interesting. I am waiting to experience this kind of stuff. Nice to know this ahead of time.

That is expensive for a quarter, shoot the black market medical grade I get is $70

Great review! Looking forward to your next one.