Unknown Giggle Grass Review

5 months ago

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Today I arrived in my ship with something that I usually do not do. A review of the strain I am currently smoking. As you have probably guessed by the title this is a unknown strain from the black market. A lot of people should be familiar with the situation of those who live in a high hush zone and do not have access to legal weed in dispenseris for example. So to compensate for the lack of legal weed we get ours from the local market in the shadows. Rearly are you given the opportunity here to find out the name of the strain. One thing the guy did tell me is that It comes from Amsterdam. It's hard to know if he speaks the truth or not but I will give the guy the benefit of the doubt. The man has not disappointed untill now so let's put a little bit of trust in those who stock us up.

So let's begin this review of the black market strain.

But shhh. Don't let my local pigs fly.


What we have to do now is find out what this is. Being a strain from the black market and from Europe it is nothing new to us to get something without finding out the name of it. Also it is near to impossible to guess the name from the high alone. But there is always the tools of a long time smoker. Feeling the high and guessing what exactly entered my lungs and bloodstream. Trough out this post I will be giving my thoughts, opinions and overall feelings around this strain and what I belive it could be.



There are many types of buds. OGs, Haze, Skunk etc... Not knowing what strain you have can be problematic. But every type has its characteristics. For instance a skunk tend to stink up your room without ever opening the bag or the Haze that tends to haze up your mind when smoked. Being on my second baggy of this weed I have tested it out and gotten high with it for the past 2 weeks. Every time I would smoke I would get this fog like feeling in my mind that sometimes makes me make a mistake that I generally would not do. So going by that I belive this to be a haze type.


Sativa or Indica

Now to see what this is. Is it an Indica or Sativa? The general classifications for cannabis are in most cases India or Sativa. Indica is mostly smoked before bed to fall asleep quickly or if you had a rough day and just want to chill out and relax. Sativas on the other hand are day time strains that generally are used for activities. Sativas tend to give you an energetic boost that will not allow you to just sit down and do nothing. You will be inclined to go on a walk, clean your house, get some work done or just if you want to be awake trough the day. When I smoke my cannabis generally the feeling I get is the feeling of relaxation and chill. But I do not get the complete couch lock feel to it. So to summarize, I belive this to be a Indica dominant hybrid with a fairly balanced India-Sativa percentage. If I had to give a number I would say it's around 60-40 on the Indicia side. But I also might be mistaken. That's just the feel I get from it.



The smell is a bit tricky to put into words. As I am still a bit under the weather and my nose being a bit clogged I can not say for sure that these are the smells I am getting from it as my sickly nose might be changing it before it sends to my brain for analysis. The smell I am getting from this one is kind of earthy with pine and a bit of fresh cut grass. I can not smell any kind of fruity smell on it which is a bit of a shame as I am a fan of fruity smells in buds.



The consistency is not an easy thing to describe. The buds came packing inside the baggy. They are very dry as this is black market stuff that has been grown who knows when. They do break up very nicely. Leting themselfs be grinded, with scissors cut up or broken up oldschool with fingers easily. The last one being my favorite. I love to break up the buds with my fingers.



The general coloration of weed and buds are in most cases green with touches of other colors. There are some other variation like Grandad purple which when grown professionally can become a near to 100% purple in coloration. But this is not such a strain. This strain has the general green color with some brown variation to it. They are full of sparkling white crystals on it.


High Opinion

After smoking this strain for the past two weeks I have gotten a pretty good look into the effects of this Giggle Grass. I like the high this one gives me. The high hits you almost immiditely after you inhale and exhale the first toke. It's a relaxing body and mind high. It will relax you but it will not couch lock you to be unable to do some activities. Like cleaning the house, finishing an art project, going for a walk or rolling another doobie. Once the high let's go you feel a sudden tiredness fall over you.


And this was my guessing review of this Unknown Giggle Grass strain.

I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have any idea what kind of strain this might be then feel free to inform me in the comments.

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Hahaha giggle grass! That's a good one. Awesome review even though you had to do some guess work.


Thanks ✌️The guess work is sometimes the fun part.

Looks like some cakey buds, i like when the crystals are layered between the leaves like that. Sounds like a good regular smoke buzz. A toke for Escobar - nice :)


It's a very nice buzz. I sometimes smoke a small one before work or on the way to work. Since I get up pretty early most of the world still sleeps while I fly.

Very detailed, nice content.


Thank you. ✌️

Awesome review and analysis for something you are not sure of. Main thing is that is hits nicely. Name is interesting, should be used for real strain


Thanks bro ✌️ that's all I ask of the guy that it hits nicely. I searched and I can't find one so the name is avaliable. If I lived in Canada I would probably try to make one like that.

Very interesting review! That's one trippy cleaning base you have there. Is that Alice in wonderland?


Thank you. ✌️ Yes that is my Alice in Wonderland rolling platform.

Adding tobacco to good weed IS MURDER!!!
You also hinder the good benefits you get
from the medicinal effects,
as tobacco is a VASO-CONSTRICTOR,
as opposed to cannabis,
so it CONSTRICTS your blood vessels!
Besides this unforgivable BLASPHEMY,
I liked your post, so I WILL give you a chance lol...


OK? Thank you? Well I don't have the money to afford to buy weed in such quantities to smoke only joints. Everything is murder. Your food is murder, your clothes are murder, everyday household o jects contain deadly chemicals. So yeah. Untill I get the chance to live in a legal place this is the only way I get to smoke.