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The Strain. Yeah. I'm just gona call it that. The Strain. I wanted to to call it Street Strain but that kind of seemed more off putting. So I just decided to go with [The Strain]. Most of you know me, most of you know where this comes from. So without further complications.. LET'S JUMP INTO IT! Shall we?



First thing I noticed about this strain was the dark green coloration on it with brown and yellow tincture. Generally what I get is lighter on the color spectrum so this was a surprise to me. Haven't seen dark green for a long time. I do enjoy seeing all kinds of coloration so I always feel happy to see some different colored strain then usually.



The smell is the usual pine and wood smell. Feels likes walking trough an Autumn forest. I like it because it's not strong like on the last one. The whole apartment doesn't smell up so much when I smoke so that's also pretty nice. Not everyone smokes in my apartment so it's not nice to hear that I smelled up the whole apartment.



What I got this time is much more dry them my previous few findings. I just cleaned my grinders so this is a nice change of pace. They don't stick WHEN I grind so It's easier to clean it up.



The effect is pretty mild but euphoric for sure. Very energetic. As some of you know I love a good Sativa, especially when I'm free to not lock me down. So this is a real treat for me and my THC receptors. When I would smoke my roommate who doesn't smoke tends to get high from the second hand smoke so I can take that as an reference for more details on the effect as this is much more mind the last strain I had so it has a weaker effect on me.



Overall this is a good smoke. The hazes I have been getting lately havr been a bit straining on the mind and my ability to pretend to be nilormal and do my normal person shit. So this goodies came at a good time to help me out. I always enjoy when I get breeze of mild strains or Sativas after a mist of hazes.

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-----------The End-----------

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Nice looking bud, crispy. The pistols have some width to them like ribbons. I like that yin yang grinder too.


Thank you. Yeah they are. I like them crispy.

I love your grinder! <3


Thank you. I have it since I moved here.

That looks like some nice bud! ;)

I was literally just commenting about grinding up some bud and rolling a J... then this post was on trending after I checked the created... Go figure. :P

The effect is pretty mild but euphoric for sure. Very energetic.

Some of my favorite buds are the same way. I'll have to try this some day!


Euphoric ones are my favorites. It gives me extra energy boost in the morning.

I want to have a grinder like yours! Beautiful!


Thank you. My first grinder that I bought when I moved here.