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7 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

Because of the recent events that have happened in my city, I was forced to scrap and ration my stash. The recent 2 weeks were a sorry sight for eyes. Stretching 3,5 grams to almost 2 weeks. Putting in the jiff as just enoug to save up some, but not as little to have it be considered a cigarette. It was a real pain in the ass. I'm saying was because the situation took a turn for the better. In the general sense. As the city is still running on fumes. That's still happening very much. Even my guy who was always filled up after a few days of whatever happened has been near to dry for the past 2 weeks. So I had to expand my radar and look for it somewhere else. Luckily for me something came up before the Magick Field of Highgrass went dry. Perhaps it would be better to say that something found me. I got a call from an old friend that lives in a small town a few decent kilometers from here. He give me an offer to share costs 50/50 on a bigger package. Not a big big package but it's bigger then what I usually get and he says it would get us to the next arrival. So the other day I went to get my bag of smokables and nostalgia. Bringing it home and smelling that familiar odor when I opened that baggy. If was fine nostalgic albani stuff.



The colors I am able to see are a small variety of green and brown, also under different light you can see some tinny bits of purple as well. I like how it these buds look. It's not fluffy. In the contrary, they are pretty hard.



The smell is the most common smell you can imagine. Earthly smell with a a touch of freshly cut grass. Nothing that's I had not smelled before. Just like I remeber it.



Similar as in the smell, the taste is pretty ordinary. Nothing special or extraordinarily. But it does bring up nostalgic memories from my younger years. We would get some smoke and find a nice bidding place to toke.



The effect this pretty mild and level-headed. Is it because of the buds themselfs or me smoking mostly hazes lately, I am not sure. But it does come as a nice change of pace and relief from the headfogging hazes.

Overall Opinion


My guess is it's probably an wellbanced strain that's tilting more to the indica side. Atleast to me. I would have preffered it a bit more energetic but I'm not really in a position to chose. One day. Hopefully.

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-----------The End-----------

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