New Grinder, The "Dreamliner" Red

9 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

Untill this day I have a been a proud owner of multiple grinders, of different types. Recently I came across a magnificent new piece that cought my attention a lot. It wasent exactly the cheapest piece I bought, but it was so worth every cent I payed for it. I will defently have to tend more to it and not let it break. That's why I still keep it in the original box. That, and the box is awesome. I enjoy myself every time I opet her to take the grinder out.


The first part of the box opens up on the two sides. Opening the triangle front and back shape to reveal the inner box. It has the manufacturers name on it. Dreamliner. I still haven't tried googling them but I definitely will.


Removing the inner box as well reveals the piece. A red metallic grinder with a see through plastic/glass material on the top part that let's you look into the grinder while you grind. Magnificent.


The grinder seperates into 4 pieces. The two sides with the teeths/blades to grind up my fine herb, the grinded up herb catcher and the also important keef collector. Which as you can see is already filling up pretty well. I'm not sure if it because my herb is very dry or if it's the collector itself. But it's under perhaps a week old in use and already filling up pretty fast. I never had a grinder who's keepf collector would fill up this quick. Which was a shock but a postove one. I will defently start putting it to the side and collect as much as possible from it.


Now that I have presented my new piece to you guys, I would say it's time to put it to use again.


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It fills up depending on how much you smoke... which means you smoke...


Yeah but I have it for perhaps a week and I smoke maybe twice a day.

Love the packaging, enjoy your grinder


Already am✌️