Confessions Of A Pipe Freak #6 Smoke Vortex

last year

-Greetings from the fractal space-

-I hope you are having a smokey day-

And it's time for another Confessions of a pipe freak. Yeeeeeah. Yesterday was the second time since I started using Smoke, that I missed a day of posting. For that I apologize to all you 0 people that noticed I was gone one day. I had a terrible headache the whole day. But now I'm all better thanks to nurse Marry Jane

What kind of #pipe do I bring today? Today is a newer pipe from my collection. I bought it in a local shop. As you can see it does not have many distinguishing features as some of the pipes have, but it does have a vortex like stem which I belive will gives it a cool effect when smoking. That's right. As many of my pipes it is unused and clean, I will probably try this one at one point. But when?

We will see.

The name comes from obvious reasons. It has a vortex like stem trough which smoke goes and gives it a smoke-vortex like appearance. I have been thinking of puting some colored light under it to try to give the smoke some color. What do you think?

-----------The End-----------

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It should be neat watching it fill up with smoke, like a cra-azy straw.
No carb on it though? or at least I couldn't see one in the photos.
I definitely wouldn't be able to resist smoking out of a piece.


No I don't think so.
It would. And it will. I will give it a run soon probably.

I like the design and simplicity of this pipe. It looks like something I would have used for smoking changa. 🙃


Thanks for the usage info. I'll remember it for the future. 😂

You got to record lightning it up and make a gif.


That would be cool. Ill probably try to do that.

How many do you have? 😲. I saw the woody oldy one you posted today morning/afternoon now am seeing another one and you are still promising to come up with more and I don't even have a single one 😂😭😂😂.

I love this, the white is sparkling ✨ and also the curling too makes me love it more, can wait to see how smoke will be working through the pipe into your mouth (I don't want to say my mouth 🙈😂).