Confessions Of A Pipe Freak #5 Here Comes Paul

7 months ago

---Greetings from the fractal space---

---I hope you are having a smokey day---

Cause I am ;)

Welcome to another episode of Confessions of a pipe freak.

Here I am back again with another episode of the series where I present you with a #pipe from my ever growing collection. An endless number of pipes that grows with every interesting pipe that dares to cross my path. It devours and feeds on them endlessly untill it has devoured every interesting pipe that I can find in the known multiverse. It will continue to do so until the ends of the known and unknown existence of all.
Kinda like that one professor that everyone had that seems to have seen every generation of graduating students since the founding of the school and feeds on the happiness of the children.

What? Did you thing it was over? That Conffesions of a pipe freak had ended? Oh no no no. It is long away from being over.


Alright, hands up. Who here has seen the 2011 movie "Paul"? Then you get me. For those among you who have never seen that film. It's kinda like ET but instead of a boy you have 2 adult comic book creators opsessed with space on a road trip to visit all of the UFO Hotspots in America. Also instead of a telekinetic alien with an light bulb on its finger, you have a weed smoking alien with a few cool tricks up its sleeve. Don't want to spoil the movie for you. Go watch it. You won't regret it.

Destiny awaits

Now back to the topic. To summerize, Paul got its name from the Alien Paul from the movie. It has an interesting story to it. Paul was ordered on the same day as Satan was. You see, I was at work and browsing the internet looking for cool pipes when I came across Paul and his friends on Amazon. I had just order Satan and had some pipe money to spare so I decided to look for one more. When I came across them I couldn't believe my eyes. At first I thought it was a bong but it's not. Paul has nowhere for water and had all the characteristics of a pipe. Chamber, lip, shank, stem, everything. It was a genuine pipe. A humangus alien looking pipe. I had to have it. It was pricey. I can't remeber the exact price but it was over the limit of my remaining pipe budget for that month. A lot over the budget. But I decided to buy it anyway. As soon as I ordered I had small regrets. It was the middle of the month and a long way from payday. I could have probably used the money better. So I decided to cancel Paul and get him another time. So I canceled. Then, some days later *Satan! *arrived. And the next day another package came. When I opened the box inside was who other then Paul. Dude shipped himself or something. Probably sensed that his destiny lies with me.

But seriously... I canceled the package like 20 or 30 minutes later. Couldn't have been late for a return. I don't know. I never checked if they took my money for him since I didn't really care. I either had it or didn't have it. My knowlage of that wouldn't have the changed the outcome.

Paul's secret

As you can see from the first picture at the top Paul is a glass pipe. One of the two biggest pipes in my collection. He has a body sleek as a model from Victoria's secret. Green in color with a big head and 2 gigantic blue eyes trained to spot good weed. The lip is located at the tip of the head. By the brain you could say. With one hand he holds the yellow bowl and with the other he can hold can hold a lighter, some weed or perhaps some hashis. Paul is also an unused pipe for the reason like every other unused pipe of mine. Aesthetic reasons and being a vital part of my collection.
*! But I have decided to use Paul in the near future. I won't say when but when I do I will certainly make a post for you guy and put in a little story of how the session went etc...

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Victoria Secret model 😂
He leaves pretty awesome shadow.


Yeah I agree, thought do too. Looks like green lightning.

Mother of god! The E.T. pipe!!!! You are surpassing yourself with each new pipe you are presenting :D


Thank you. I still have a few really impressive ones then a few mediocre ones. So I'll be taking is slower from now on. I have to save a few good ones for later aswell. Most are unique in looks since I don't buy identical ones but some aren't as impressive as Paul, Blue Claw or Satan.

Love it! Keep up the epic reviews.


Thank you. Oh wowm the big cheese himself 😃 thank you for creating smoke.


Got to love how boss comes from time to time to say hi.
I bet he is having time of his life with a little spliff and going through to check on his babies


Te engaging with people from his site. Unlike most other sites where the creators mostly keeps to himself.

Top notch!


Thank you ✌️

brrbrbrbr so crazy pipe!!


Thank you ✌️