The shabby filter tips of India👎🏻

2 years ago


One thing any stoner will notice after spending some time in India is the horrible quality of the locally produced filter tips. For us personally it has turned into humor over time.

I have a hard time believing that the producers of the filter tips have ever tried using these products for making a joint themselves... Let me guide you trough some of the local selection available:


Labled with the slogan "worlds finest tips", these guys don't look to shabby at first glance. But dont judge a book by its cover... The material the filters are made out of is really strange, like some sort of cardboard. They are also the widest filter tips I have personally ever seen for sale anywhere, definitely way to wide for our taste. Each pack is clearly labled "not for individual sale", but they seem to always be sold individual. Another weird fun-fact is that they are produced by a local football club with the same name.




Sun Cross

These are probably the most available filter tips around. They usually have a sun cross sticker on the front, and the outside of the package is covered in textile. The package has a velcro style opening and closing system. The strangest thing about these filters is that the tickness of the paper the tips are made from will variate a lot inside of one package. Some is the tickness of drawing paper or soft cardboard, and then some are thinner then post-it paper. The width of these are a bit smaller then the tips you would usually get bundled with a package of raw or smoking papers.




At first you might mistake this pack for long rolling papers, as they are the same size and shape. They seem to be made this way because they have a pocket on the inside where it is written that you can use to keep your rolling papers inside. A interesting idea, but none of our packages would fit inside of the pocket. It was a few millimeters to small...The filters themselves are just the worst! Its literally hard cardboard. I found it impossible to make any decent filter tips with them.



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Lol yeah it sucks! Like you said the people who produce these are definitely not (or at least think on behalf of) smokers. I usually use the top of a cigarette pack. Found that to be the best :p

Pretty sure the “not for individual sale” means not allowed to sell per tip. The “sachet culture” (single servings) is very widespread in Asia. Also excludes restaurants/tea places from selling them individually, which would defeat the football club marketing element.


Yeah, you are right I think. They sell anything almost as individual items. Like 1 cigarette etc... 🙃

Sun ones with Velcro look nice. Would be better for more excited friendly version if it was just some support of a bag, rather than every package with new one.

Last ones are nice as well, with pocket for papers. Practical, functional and more environmental friendly with just the paper material


But unfortunately the pocket is too small to put any pack of long papers into... so in the end it's yet another non working/functional cool idea, it seems to be a trend for products sold around here 😑


Haha... China style of quality and functionality.

Horrible. Thank You For Sharing

I'm amazed at the cultural differences, and the product quality issues are simply amazing.

looking for a tip? :D

Here's How to Roll So You Do NOT Need a Filter :)

The other downside to filters is you have no idea what is in/on the paper. Oi!!

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First spambot I notice on the smoke network. You just got my first flag on this network as well buddy...