Pineapple Express Review & Photos

2 years ago

Pineapple Express is one of my favorite Sativa strains. I typically get a nice energy and concentration boost from the buds. 

I picked these nugs up last week and I already burned through the 8th.😁

Good thing I snapped some pics before the smoking began. 

 The @willspliff rating: 9/10

Pineapple Express Potency: 23.1% THC, 0% CBD

From Leafly:

Pineapple Express combines the potent and flavorful forces of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The smell is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar. This hard-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes.

Photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Stay Lifted Friends,


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I do got to say nice looking buds man, Now on the the PE it is a great sativa that you can have such a clear mind on but still be super stoned,
At 23% THCa that is such a super stong strain of PE, The one I got I never knew the %

Very nice review. I enjoyed it a lot as always. A friend of mine once tried it and said he got a ton of energy boost to do stuff. So I guess it was it or atleast something similar. Where we are from its hard to trust your local black marker about the strain name. I love your reviews because it seems we have a lot in common. A lot of the strains I have seen you talk about are also strains I'm interested in greatly. Thanks man.

Wow i would like to have some of pineapple-express

Me likey! I prefer sativas or sativa-dominant strains, as I also enjoy the energetic clear headed boost quite much, even though I do appreciate a good indica. Great reviews, thanks for sharing!

I love Pineapple Express the flavor, taste and smell are amazing! One of my favorite Sativa flowers and the high is also mostly very creative!