Pillow Factory Review & Photos

2 years ago

Pillow Factory was suggested to me when I asked the bud-tender if he had any favorite / new Indicas.

The buds did not disappoint! They are super fluffy and the smell is quite nice, a little citrusy but mostly spice like.

I don't get couch locked on the strain, but it's definitely relaxing enough for an Indica.  

The 17% THC is suspect. The buds smoke like they have at least 20% THC. 

 The @willspliff rating: 8.5/10

Pillow Factory Potency: 17.40% THC, 0% CBD

From cannasos.com:

Pillow Factory cannabis strain is an even hybrid by Ethos Genetics. It has a strong morphology and a high calyx to leaf ratio, making this a high yielding Indica and a grower's dream. Citrus and spice flavors dominate. Ideal for both daytime or evening usage. Pillow Factory cannabis strain is a cross between Black Fire and Mandarin Sunset cannabis strains.

Photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Dude that is some beautiful bud. I'm gonna have to find that around here.

Dank photo's for a Galaxy note 8 :')


Thanks @stoner, my photos are getting better with every strain review. 👍

This looks Kushy man, I'd love to try it

That's a pretty nice name they have there. I actually thought they were heavy couch glue because of the name. So it's cause they are fluffy. That's cute.

Those buds look awesome!!! Am so envious(In a healthy way) about the way things are developing in your side of the world, being able to legally experiment and breed/cross different genetics, and the results you guys are achieving .