White Fire another blackmarket review

20 days ago

So a buddy of mine got a hold of some White Fire

Ironically he had a little in a bag for me when I got there to give me and I say ironically cause I had a small bag of the Kush OG I grew for to give to him to try out as I gave a little to @relaylogix the other day and figured it is time to spread the love and have others try it. I am proud on how it turned out. But wasn't expecting a gift in return, speaking of which tomorrow I will be reviewing the smoke @relaylogix gave me from his grow. But today I am sharing my White Fire review.


White Fire is an Indica hybrid

I was told it is a cross between Fire OG and The White. Which I actually have never even heard of either of the parent strains before but have heard of White Fire though this is the first time I have gotten to sample it.


The smell and taste

This is one of those weird strains that doesn't taste the way it smells. There is a earthy diesel smell but the taste is a peppery lemony flavor followed by a musky oak flavor that is sweet that I kind of identify with a tropical flavor.


The buzz

The buzz is very uplifting that offers focus and energy. It is also very effective for pain. I also have noticed since smoking this I have a little but of dry eyes but nothing that is too bad or annoying. I am really enjoying the buzz of this strain and am kind of bummed I only have enough to pack the bong a couple of times.


Overall I rate this strain a 10

White Fire is fire af, this is a 10 rated strain in my opinion. But just like my opinion everyone else has theirs. I highly recommend buying this strain and trying it if you come across it. The taste and the buzz are top notch.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



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this the same as wifi og?


I googled it and it seems like that is another name for this strain so I would say yep


awesome, had that before, great strain!


I went and got a little more it was that good.

My outdoor smoke has nothing on your Kush.


That is sweet of you to say.