Wedding Crasher Another blackmarket review

4 months ago

Wedding Crasher

Is a beautiful strain cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. This was grown in an undisclosed location in Michigan. Lately a lot of my cannabis has been coming out of Michigan and I have been liking what is coming out of the area.



The smell and taste

This is a pungent strain with hints of vanilla and berries. The taste is full of flavor not only does it have hints of vanilla and berries it has a grape profile that has me coming back for more just on taste alone.


The buzz

Is an uplifting, happy, relaxing type of buzz that leaves you with focus and energy without a tired crash. Which is something I can always use help with. Life has been extremely busy and I am now helping taking care of two people I love and care about that has cancer. So any strain that gives me focus so I can also get some of my own stuff done is always welcome. I haven't had much time for the internet lately but am hoping that changes some time soon because I miss posting regularly and reading your guys post regularly.


Overall I rate Wedding Crashers a 10

It has a great taste and great buzz. So this is now on my favorite strain list. Also the guy I got this off of, was given some of my Gorilla Passion seeds and he gave a couple to the grower that grew this. He plans to cross the two strain and I can't wait to see what two great strains will create.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit don't mess up the rotation.



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Damn, that looks frosty as fuccc, muh mouth is watering just looking at all the trichomes.


It is so good I wish Wonka Vision was real so I could send everyone on here a bud of it to try.

A special cake for a special event.

Yes, it is very good and amazing strain.