Venom OG Another Blackmarket Review

24 days ago

I got a hold of some Venom OG

And man is it beautiful, there is a dark deep purple color throughout the buds of this batch and it is beautiful. I have had Venom OG before but this is the first time I have gotten a batch of it that is purple. The smell and taste is what I expect from Venom OG but I didn't expect the color which is awesome as it isn't very often the colorful buds hit our area, not without a steep cost associated with it. And though the lighting in my house sucks I went ahead and pulled out my good camera for this strain.


The Smell and taste

There are many different smells and tastes with this strain. You smell hints of skunky pine mixed with a citrus diesel smell. It is such a wonderful smell, It tastes similar but that citrus smell you get when you smell the raw buds translates to a lemon flavor on the tongue. I love the complex flavor of this strain it has always been a favorite even without the purple tint.


The Buzz

This is an Indica heavy strain. For most it is best consumed at night and not during the day, but if you are a pain suffer this is a great strain to have on hand. I been working hard on our land and all the hard work has aggravated some of my back issues where it has caused me some pain, a few hits of this strain and the pain melts away. But I have to be careful cause if I smoke too much during the day I am taking a nap and not being productive. So when using this during the day even I will take caution not to smoke too much at once, unless it is about bed time, then I am finishing that joint.


Overall I give this strain a 10

Not only for looks but for smell, taste, buzz and for it pain relief properties. This is a strain I always want back in the rotation, but being in a black market sometimes we don't get to choose what we get and are at the mercy of the buyers and growers that provide cannabis to our market.


Join me at 2 pm in Canna-Curate Discord

I do a show every Tuesday and Sunday at 2 pm Eastern time (3pm on the Sunday's we have the community forum which is at 2 pm those weeks.) come and join me for some cannabis talk, current events and music. Also sometimes not every time but sometimes I even give away stoner gear live on air. Today there is a rumor I am giving away a glass Chillum I can confirm that is true, so come and join us in GreenHouseRadioOnline in Canna-Curate Discord for the 2fer Tuesday Show.


2fer Tuesday .jpg

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit there is a pandemic going on and currently sharing is not caring. And remember our governments can't be trusted, so try to help one another cause our governments are not going to.



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That is some seriously dark purple 😋 those strains always draw my attention ... love me that sticky icky purple urple 😁

I will be seeing if my phone can hold a connection while I work so I may be able to at least catch your show 😎 I seem to enjoy the playing more then anything 😅

One of my favs! Heavy, strong, full of that citrus and earthy goodness 🤤. Just doesnt come around this way too often...
Great pics & content! 🙂👌

Awesome pictures!! Upvote and resmoke!! Thanks for share!!

Great pics ! That is some dark weed!

Great strains 😗