UK Cheese Another Black Market review

3 months ago

Today's menu is UK Cheese

Love when my grower sends me news strains that he hasn't sent me before. This last shipment has a few new strains but so far my favorite of what I have gotten recently is UK Cheese. But to be fair I haven't tried the other two yet. This is based on the smell of why it is my favorite of what I got. I also played with lighting today, so that is why all of the shots look a little different even though they are the same buds.


The Smell and Taste

Classic to the cheese strains there is a musty cheese smell when you first take a whiff of this. But the taste is surprising. As I expected the cheese flavor you get with many cheese strains but this strain as this cheese strain is a bit spicy but also has a nice balance berry flavor. Kinds of reminds me if pairing cheese with a nice wine.


The Buzz

It uplifting and euphoric along with being a very effective strain for pain relief, though it does give one a little bit of cottonmouth. The dreaded cottonmouth, seriously hate when I get cottonmouth but at least I have plenty of water to drink to quench my thirst after smoking a fatty of this.


Overall I rate this strain a 9

It would get a 10 if it didn't cause cottonmouth but since it does, it loses a point in my book. But anything over an 8 I like to keep in my rotation when I can get it. So I will keep on the look out for this strain again, and will buy it if there isn't something I like more available.


I used two different type of lighting taking these photos

I am not in my studio yet, but was playing with lighting today trying find something that I am happy with but I m not happy with how they turned out with the light in this house. I am looking forward to the studio getting done and having great lighting for photos. But it is what it is and as you can see lighting changes everything. Till next time stoners, it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit.



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The first 2 photos the light was alright, just a bit out of focus. You still conveyed the denseness in those photos. I have never had any type of Cheese strain.


the light is not right in none of the photos and I know the focus was a bit off, but I was playing with light lol guess I should have chosen one of the ones in better focus. Oops....


It might not be perfect, but I think the lighting in the first two photos make it pop against the white background.

What a cheesy post!