Thank you @dumbfounddead aka Plain Jane

3 months ago

I got a package

I requested a free sample but didn't expect it till next week. So today when I went to the mail and found a package I was at a lost. But because it was address to Tecnosgirl I got my phone out to record opening it cause if someone sends you something you have to do an unboxing. Sorry for the bad video of it and excuse my mess from my clay.

I opened the package to twist one up

And I see it was sent with love, look the bud is shaped like a heart. Seriously loved seeing that it felt like love all the way from Oregon.


Beautiful hemp buds

With lots of beautiful trichomes. The strain is called Hawaiian Haze. I am a little confused about how strong it actually is as there was a card in the package stating conflicting information on THC and CBD content. But I can say this is the best hemp flower I have tried to date.


The smell is fire

This is the type of hemp assholes could pass off as marijuana. Thankfully I don't know people who do that but have heard of it happening. The taste isn't bad either. Most hemps I have tried has a hay type taste but this didn't. Now it also didn't have that rich taste you get with marijuana but this is the first strain of CBD hemp flower I would actually buy.


So if you are looking for some good CBD flower

Check out @dumbfounddead and the Plain Jane company. You can find them online at
3 and a 1/2 grams according to the paper included in my sample says it is only $13.99 that is half what it cost locally for stuff not as good. I am pleasantly surprised as I normally don't like hemp flower, but this was good. Well done Plane Jane well done.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Hey @technosgirl, thank you for trying it out. I'm glad you enjoyed it!