Strawberry Cough

2 months ago

I think they missed the mark naming this

Cause every time I get this strain I always think it smells like Cat Piss in it's raw form. They should have named it cat piss. Thankfully it doesn't smell or taste like that when it burns but it does remind me of litter box that has cat piss in it that needs to be cleaned out. I am not a fan of the raw smell of this strain.


The taste and burn smell is better

It is a skunky smell mixed with a sweet berry scent. The taste is opposite of the smell where you taste the berry before finishing off with a skunky flavor that reminds me of the Tennessee skunk weed we use to get when I was growing up.


The buzz

First off if you are suffering from anxiety over this pandemic this is the strain for you. This strain after just a few hits helped me a lot with the anxiety I have been feeling. In a normal situation I bet I would smiling like a fool on this strain but as it is I am glad to have some relief from the anxiety. This strain is very uplifting.


Overall I give this strain a 9.5

It losses a few point off it's raw smell. Seriously the smell of this strain raw leaves you desiring a better smell, but thankfully as it burns the smell changes and doesn't taste that way. I do recommend this strain despite the raw smell. I am very happy with the buzz.




Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit and help flatten the curve as they say of CoVid-19. Sharing is not caring in this case. Stay safe, stay healthy and don't trust any government they are lying to us all.



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