Sour Sunset another blackmarket review

11 months ago

Sour Sunset is on todays menu

A cross between Sour Diesel and Secret Sherbet. This batch is much better than the last time I had it and since I have the new white light with the Elf Selfie light for my phone I decided fo rereview this strain. Mainly to share the nugporn.


The smell and taste

This strain has a citrus gas smell and taste about it. I love this strain and out of the batches I have recieved of this strain this batch by far tastes and smells the best. This strain has a strong smell that lingers for hours.


The Buzz

This is an Indica heavy strain but doesn't give you couch lock like many Indica heavy strains do. It is a creeper buzz that inspires creativity. It is one of the reasons I love this strain. It is also effective for pain.


This strain is a 10 all day long

Even the other batches I have had of this I have rated at 10 and this batch is the best of the batches I have gotten of this. This is the third time in the last year it has ended up in my rotation and I am glad cause it is yummy.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation. And don't forget to enter the I love contest for your chance to win 420 smoke and this cool reusable bag.




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Seeing buds like these kinda make me miss black market buds 😁🤔😁 very nice!


I was telling one of my besties just today that it seems like many in the legal markets grow for quantity not quality. But blackmarket grows still grow for the quality.


Then they're stupid because it's quite the opposite. There's designer and craft cannabis popping up all over every legal place across the globe. It's also much better quality than the black market shit because black market dealers are generally out to make money more than provide a brand name service. You're a fucking retard. LOL. It's sad to see how misinformed and ignorant you are every time you open your dumb ass mouth. Smfh. Your shit always looks the fucking same and like fucking garbage, people just kiss your ass for votes but you're too stupid to see it. LOL! This shit looks brown as fuck (Like most of the trash you have.) and the trichomes are formed absolutely poorly and it was handled like shit. You're nothing of a cannabis connoisseur like you fucking pretend to be, trying to rate your generic ass bud as if you even know what strains they are as opposed to just googling strains that it might possibly look like and talking as if that's your experience. It's fucking sad. This place is a joke. LOL. Quit kissing ass for upvotes, you invalid.


These buds don't make me miss anything. They remind me of that schwag shit that people were calling "mids" back in the day. That or "baby dro" which is just really good reggie shit and doesn't get you high worth a fuck unless you smoke a lot. This bud is a damn joke like most of what "she" posts. LOL.

Never had this strain before, sounds pretty good :)


Sour Sunset is one of my favorite strains if you ever get a chance to try it @indica I highly recommend it.

Love it! They look delicious! The quality is really good too!