Purple Cookies Another Blackmarket Review

last month

What do you get when you mix GSC and Granddaddy Purp

You get a well balanced 50/50 hybrid that has been named Purple Cookies. I love a well balanced hybrid. And Purple Cookies doesn't disappoint in that regard.


The smell and taste

The smell have rich earthy tones mixed with a sweet smell of cookies and grapes. The flavor is amazing as it is a grape flavor on inhale with a nutty cookie flavor aftertaste on exhale. Really loving the flavor profile of this strain. It is as complex as it is simple.


The Buzz

This strain is a slight creeper strain. But is full of the good effects you want to get of Sativa strains and the ones from the Indica strains. As it creeps up on you and allows you to be productive and not sluggish while high, it also is very effective for pain relief. But it is also a strain that when you come down you come down with a crash. So you either have to fire another one up to avoid the crash or you want to take a nap to get over the crash.


Overall I rate Purple Cookies a 8.5

This is a great strain for taste and the buzz is good. It loses some point for me because of the crash. I hate feeling tired when Income.down off a strain. But anything over an 8 in my book is work buying if there isn't a 10 available. And being in a blackmarket that happens sometimes where an 8 or 8.5 strain is all that is available.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so fire that shit up and lets get baked. And remember people the governments around the world are lying to us. Don't trust them.



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It looks so good and I bet it tastes better than it looks even!

Haven´t tried any purp nugs... look so damn good!