Lemon Drop Blackmarket review

last year

Picked up some Lemon Drop today

Though maybe I should have waited till tomorrow to have tried it as it is a Sativa and is one of those gives you lots of energy type of buzz that makes you want to be productive and I have to be up early tomorrow so this might have been a bad idea for a night smoke. Thankfully I have some Sister Glue and some Gorilla Glue if I need it.


A fluffy dense bud

That has a citrus lemon flavor with a slight flowerly after taste. That melts away the stress of the day leaving one with lots of energy. This strain is a very good daytime strain.


The buzz

Is very relaxing but gives energy so if you have had a long day and want to unwind and do nothing avoid this strain at night as you will get a burst of energy that will likely keep you awake and alert. I also hear from the guy I bought it off of it can cause giggling but it hasn't caused me to giggle so maybe I just didn't smoke enough for that effect.



Overall I give this sativa strain a 9.2

I am an Indica girl for the most part as it works better for pain and I don't get tired on them like others do, and rarely am impressed by sativa strains but this one has me impressed and I am enjoying the buzz.




Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Looks pretty good to me! Not bad at all for black market stuff. I've gotten some stuff that ended up being pretty great from locals.

Am with @xen and @dooby on this one. The favor just coats you mouth. Good find @tecnosgirl

  ·  last year

I like anything lemon,so would also enjoy this....nice post .....

Anything with a citrus taste is fire! Was this stuff outdoor?

Oh how I Iike to hear about a new Sativa strain I haven't heard of before. Delicious.