Jelly Belly another blackmarket review

2 months ago

Today's strain review is of Jelly Belly

I been busy and have had very little energy left at the end of the day. I been around reading and curating here and there but just haven't had time to form my thoughts to make a post. But I am nearing the end of this building project so I should be back to my daily posting soon. Today it is too hot to work inside the studio so I have the time to focus on writing a review. I have a few strains to do a review on and decided to do a review on the unique flavor of the Jelly Belly strain.



The smell and taste

This strain smells like bubblegum to me, like the hubba bubba bubble gum from my childhood. I never have had a strain smell like bubblegum before. On the inhale it tastes like the hubba bubba bubblegum too, but on exhale there is a hint of cinnamon flavor like you took a brach cinnamon disk and put it in water and drank the water a muted flavor but distinctly there. Very unique in it's flavor and I really enjoy it.



The buzz

The buzz is uplifting a real mood changing strain while being very effective for pain and sore muscles. The buzz last for a long while too. I also found it is good for nausea I started vitamins that are making me nausea and this strain really helps.


Over all I give this stain a 10

Between the unique flavors the look and the buzz this strain is a 10 all the way. I would buy this strain again if and when I come across it. It has been a nice strain to have and I hope to be able to keep it in the rotation for a while as it is one of those strains that can help you get physical work done when you are a chronic pain sufferer as I am.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit


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I like that strain also :)


Nice post 👍

Never heard of this strain before, here's hoping it eventually hits the UK at some point :D


till I got it neither had I