Holy Grail OG blackmarket review

4 months ago

I recieved some Holy Grail OG

Last week I was on the darkside with Hellfire and now I am on the lightside with Holy Grail OG. Holy Grail is a hybrid of Kosher Kush and OG #18. I find it funny that I got these two strains from different suppliers back to back.


The smell and taste

This strain has a very unique flavor profile. There is hints of lime but I smell and taste coffee with hints of a hash flavor. If I didn't roll this myself I would have sworn from the taste and smell that someone laid some hash on it. Seriously unique flavor about this strain, it is different and I think I like the flavor profile.


The buzz

This strain has a very calming and uplifting buzz, that is strong but not overly heavy. I actually feel a little lighter after smoking Holy Grail. Which has me laughing my ass off over the fact the the Hellfire was heavy. I sleep well after smoking Hellfire and the Holy Grail has the opposite effect on me as heavy as the hellfire is the holy grail is light.


Medical uses I notice

I spent the day hunched over trimming. Yeah I am a little ticked off at the middle man he told them not to bother to trim it. Which is annoying as hell, I would not mind so much if I got a discount but I didn't unless there is some heavy and their might be I have approximately 3 ounces left to trim. But because of that my upper back is having spasms. My back doesn't like being Hunched over. A few hits if this stopped the spams and the pain that came with it. Along with the anxiety I felt from trimming cure cannabis (Seriously who waits to trim after the cure? I always trim after drying before the cure and then cure the trimming.) left my body.


Overall I rate this strain a 10

For it's pain relief, and the great buzz that isn't heavy but way effective to change my day from being annoyed to feeling alright. If you get a chance to try this strain ,I suggest you try if if you haven't yet.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit. I cannot wait to be able to say puff, puff, pass again. But till they start treating people we need to be cautious and bogart that shit everyone pack their own or twist up their own. Be safe stay healthy and remember don't trust your government.



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Wouldn’t mind trying some of that.

Like the name . Sounds like a good smoke.

It had better give you a holy high! :) I like it a lot, the name and the way you describe it. I will have to try it if I can find some!