Grapefruit another balckmarket review

last month

I got a lucky

My last delivery included 5 different strains. In the next week I will be reviewing 3 new strains. As 2 of the strains I did pick up are repeaters. Today's review is on my favorite out of the 3 new strains, the Grapefruit.


The smell and taste

There is a strong tropical smell mixed with the smell of grapefruit. When I opened the bag and smelled this strain for the first time, I got excited cause the smell is awesome. And thankfully the taste is the same as the smell. It is rich in flavor and as the raw smell is heavy.


I woke having slept wrong on my neck

Which caused my neck to ache and a slight headache. A few puff of this stain and the pain was gone. It also has given me an uplifted, energetic focus that has me excited to have this strain for when I really need to be focused. Which has been hard for me lately. I hope that with this strain some stuff I been trying to do but haven't been able to completely because I lost focus will be able to be done now and give me some of it back.


Overall I give Grapefruit a 10

It has a great smell and flavor, a really great high that is effective for pain which checks all my boxes for a strain I want in my rotation again and again. Very few Sativa-dominant strains make that list, but this is a very well balanced strain. I am very pleased with this strain. So while I finished this fatty I rolled I am gonna scroll smoke and curate some kick ass content.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit till the pandemic is over sharing isn't smart especially with the unrest in the world. Be safe stay healthy and remember don't trust your government they are lying to us all.



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Thanks! Stay safe also

It looks good to me! I love fruity flavours of buds! :) Be safe with all the crazy stuff going on these days!