Gorilla Glue Another Blackmarket Review

last month

I traded some Grandma's Cookies for some Gorilla Glue

Sometimes I trade strains with others. A friend had some Gorilla Glue and he wanted to try some of the Grandma's Cookies so I traded a zip for a zip. This isn't trimmed the best but the buds are of good size and it is pretty even if the trim job sucks. I could have trimmed it myself before taking photos but I actually don't mind the sugar leaves that much and I think they are pretty in photos. So I didn't bother further trimming it so before anyone talks about the shitty trim job I know, and I didn't do it but I don't really care.



The smell and taste

The smell reminds me of coffee as does the taste, but with a sour diesel aftertaste. I have always found Gorilla Glue yummy but very unique tasting, that tends to linger in your mouth long after you are done smoking.


The Buzz

The buzz on this strain is heavy hitting, it is a night time strain even for me. As I am a indica heavy preference smoker and very few strains do I call a night time strain. As smoking too much will have me sleeping. But this strain is also very effective for pain, anxiety and depression. I know a few who suffer from the latter two conditions who loves this strain for the effects it has on those issues. There is also some cottonmouth that comes with Gorilla Glue, but having some water or another drink nearby can easily take care of that.



Overall I rate this strain a 9.5

Any strain that gives you cottonmouth in my opinion loses half a point, cause cottonmouth sucks. Even though I love every other effect this strain has, cottonmouth sucks, just like the munchies sucks. I rarely get the munchies though, cottonmouth is more common. But this is a strain I put back into the rotation when it comes through. Just glad I was able to make a trade and didn't have to pay for it.


Come join me for the Roach Sunday Show in Discord in GHRO

I do a show every Sunday at 2 pm EST called the Roach Sunday show. Get the weekly cannabis news, listen to cannabis talk, current events, and cannabis related music, some mainstream some not so mainstream. Sometimes I even give away smoking accessories, swag and or cryptocurrency. But not every week, I don't announce when I will do it, you just have to tune in to be able to win. As it is random. You can join us here. Besides my show there are many others through out the week.


Cannacurate GHRO.PNG

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so roll up a roach doobie and fire that shit up and join me for a Roach Sunday.



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Am sure this buds aren’t for the learners. Love to have some..... cheers

I always find that coffee flavour a surprise ... I had some Black Dog that was almost coffee flavoured with a bit of earthy musk ... mind tricks LOL every doob I would be looking for my coffee cup 🤣🤣🤣


Today I mixed some of the grandma's cookies and some of the UK cheese and the unique flavor the combination is giving has me looking around for the food my mouth think it is eating. LOL