Game Changer another Blackmarket review

13 days ago

The cannabis gods are smiling down on me

As I got reupped before the lockdown. I have only opened one of the bags so far. I am very happy with the choice of what bag to open as I opened Game Changer. I was told it is a cross between Green Thai and Purple Dragon.


The smell and taste

It has a grape and a tropical smell about it, but the taste actually reminds me of the cereal Fruity Pebbles. It is very yummy and I am considering hoarding this strain and only sharing the other two. I don't know who orginally cross this strain but well done the flavor is on point.


The Buzz

Pandemic got your spirits down, a few hits of this will lift your spirits and have you not stressing or worrying about anything, it offers a nice punch without couch lock. This is a great daytime strain.


I rate this hybrid a solid 10

It have the effectiveness of an Indica for pain relief but the effects of being able to get things done at you get from a sativa. Who ever cross bred this strain did an excellent job. I am considering hoarding this through the pandemic.



Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



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That looks like some nice fire! To bad were all locked down. Apparently a major world headquarters here in the city I am from had a case of the viri. Let's see how wacked this gets, most of the employees of that one company make up this town.


We are not locked down yet here but dude I been so busy I am hoping they lock it down soon so I can have a break. Though today did slow down some from the last 3 days. But currently the hubby is driving while I type. I made this post on the go cause while traveling is the only time I have write the last couple of days.

Amazing color !


I should get my professional camera out for some Nugporn shots of this as my phones camera doesn't do it justice.