Fruity Pebbles My first legal cannabis review

last month

I have done a ton of reviews

And though my smoke does come from legal markets. I never buying it through legal channels being in an illegal state. So this review is on cannabis from a legal market. This isn't my first Cannabis review but the first time I have reviewed cannabis I have bought personally from a legal market. Today I am reviewing Fruity Pebbles.


It has been tested at 28.18% THC

I do like knowing how it tests with the THC levels. Though I hate the prices I love knowing additional information about what I am smoking. That is really nice. I wish I would have bought more than a gram of this but this was one of the strains they wanted $600 an ounce for and I just wasn't digging the price. And as good as it is it is only worth maybe max $300 an ounce.


The tatse and smell

It has a berry smell and a light berry flavor. I enjoyed the taste of this strain. Though from internet reviews I expected it to taste like fruity pebbles and it did have a light flavor of fruity pebbles berry flavor it isn't that strong of a flavor or at least this particular plant didn't that I got.


The buzz

The buzz is top notch. A 10 all day long. I would definitely grow this if I had the seeds to. I might find me some of these seeds. I has some muscles issues yesterday and when I got home from the dispensary smoking some of this and then laying on an icepack allowed me to get a good night sleep.


Overall I rate this strain a 10

Though I wish the flavor was stronger. This strain is awesome. I wish I had more than a gram of it. But at 600 an ounce I just bought enough to try. I have only smoked one bowl ofnit so far and should get 3 bowls from that gram. I almost twisted it into a dobbie but then though at $19 a gram I should stretch it out to more than one buzz. Which was a great call IMO.



Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit.



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