Fire OG another blackmarket review

3 months ago

I have had this strain for a while

But am just now getting around to writing a review on it. Figure I better get it out before I run out so I can tell you what I think after smoking a doobie of it. Fire OG is apparently one of the top 10 strains of 2020 according to an article I recently read. And yes it is fire but I can easily name 10 strains I think is better. But this isn't a comparison post.


The smell and taste

The smell reminds me of lemon pledge. At first I was like wtf did someone spray this with pledge. But I know better as the grower I use that I got this off of grows like I do when I grow organically. But I think this is the first time a strain has reminded me of a cleaner. Though if I am honest I have always like the way lemon pledge smells. The taste is a lemon peppery herbal flavor.


The buzz

Is a relaxed uplifting type of buzz that helps with pain without the heaviness many Indica dominant strains give. So Fire OG is a perfect strain for me to smoke before doing laborious jobs like weeding the garden. Or doing construction on my studio. Speaking of which we should be done installing the ceiling later today. But this strain also leaves you with cottonmouth. But that is likely good with how much I have been working in the heat. Helps keep me hydrated.


Overall I rate this strain a 9

Fire OG is a nice strain, but it loses half a point for the cottonmouth. It also loses another half of a point for being a lightweight Indica. I do like the strain but expect more from an Indica dominant strains. I also rated it a 9 because I think the writers of the top strains for the summer of 2020 got it wrong. Venom OG, UK Cheese, Grapefruit just to name a few is much better than Fire OG is that didn't make the list. But I guess that is always subjective. I would also buy this strain again if other top choices were not available.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so fire that shit up. And strap in the next year or two the worlds economy is gonna get bumpy but as the depression deepens I truly believe the United States will end prohibition on marijuana to spur innovation and to reboost the economy. When that happens, we will see an explosion of growth.



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Sooner or later, people need it for the economy, This is mouth watering fiere oz. I can see how the smoke going inside.

I love the pine sol, lemon pledge flavors in cannabis. :)