Donkey Butter another Black Market Review

2 months ago

Donkey Butter aka nasty tasting bud

Donkey Butter was not what i expected to be given when I made a purchase a few weeks back but in blackmarkets when you prepare and depend on the grower and or middleman to provide fire ass weed occasionally you get a dud. And this strain of Donkey Butter even though the buzz is great the smell and taste isn't. The biggest issue with this batch beside it being pollinated is they used a machine to dry and cure it and left it in way too long.


The smell and taste

It has an herbal peppery earth taste and at least for me I can not stand that type of flavor. It kind of taste like Hemp and not good hemp at that. If it wasn't for the great buzz i would have swore it was hemp. Serious this batch anyways tastes and smells like shit IMO. Not literally like shit but metaphorically like shit.


The Buzz

The buzz is the only saving grace on this strain. It is actually a really good buzz. A nice head high that gives a boost of motivation. My biggest issues is the taste.


Overall this strain is a 4

Even with the great buzz this strain is not a good strain. It is so bad tasting I cannot smoke it. I barely could smoke the one joint I smoke of this strain. So it gets a 4 for a great buzz but looses major points for the smell, taste and looks because even though my camera is making it look decent it is not pretty looking at all.


What do I do with it

So as promised I am going to tell you what I do with cannabis that has a good buzz but everything else sucks. I make cannabis tincture and or Cannabutter. Cause even when it isn't up to smoking par it can be used still just in a different way. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass don't mess up the rotation.



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