Devil Cream

2 months ago

So I was given some Devil Cream to try out

I was given a bud of this Devil Cream to try. The bud is dense with purple hues and oranges hairs. This was grown indoors.


The smell and taste

There is a strong lemon skunky smell to this strain. The taste profile is sweet with hints of lemon. After burning it smells like a skunk sprayed. I love that smell.


The Buzz

Is a calm and relaxing buzz. Too much in one setting can cause couch lock. But as long as one doesn't smoke too much of this strain at once it is a chill type feeling of a buzz.


Overall I rate this strain a 8.5

I like this stain but I am giving it a rating of an 8.5 because of the cost. It costs more than the outdoor stuff I normally get and though it is just as good it isn't any better than the outdoor shit I get. Buzz wise it is a 9 but it losses a half of point because the cost is higher.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit don't mess up the rotation. I am off to see if my filler has dried to be sanded and if it has to sand it so I can paint my studio tomorrow. If it isn't dry yet I will paint Thursday. As I need my husband's help in one area of the sanding and he has to work tomorrow so he won't be able to do it till tomorrow after work if it isn't dry tonight. I can't wait for the studio space to be done and to have great light for my posts.



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Awesome... hey, I will DM you in a day or 2... out in the woods for a bit.

Awesome! Looks good! :)