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4 months ago

So I went on a road trip

My Birthday is later this week, the weather changes have been messing with my back causing spasms. I wanted to get some dabs. In the end I bought some crumbles to combat the spasms. As I love me some crumbles. But that was my original intent when going to the dispensary. But then I started online shopping looking for deals and found Consume Cannabis Co was offering a Superbowl sale and was offer GG4 for $150 an ounce or $250 for 2 ounces. So I decided to pick up some flower too even though I was only going to get concentrates. For that price yeah I am picking up flower too.



The budtender was nice

She informed us of the specials and was very helpful. I already knew what I was going to buy though had made the decision before I left my house for the trip there. I loved going inside as the last dispensary was curbside service. I think I prefer going indoors over the curbside. They didn't require an appointment to go inside Consume either like they do at Green Stem atm. I will go back here again not only for their fair prices but because of the staff they were great. They are currently screening for fevers before you can go inside.

I didn't take photos inside

They might have been cool with it but since so many people come in from out of state I didn't want to risk taking photos inside and to be honest I didn't know if they would be cool with it or not. They have a limit of 2 and 1/2 ounces of flower you can buy. I got 2 ounces of the Gorilla Glue I bought 7 grams of Peanut Butter and 7 grams of Blue Dream my friend who went with me @gr8fulmag420 bought some West Coast Sour diseal and traded me a gram of it for a gram of my peanut butter. And I gave her a few dollars to get me some prerolls since I was at my limit. The $10 preroll was worth it the $25 pack of preroll minis were not.


I put the lighter next to the two that is left to show you how small they are. They were good but I don't think it was worth $25.

I did save some money on the flower

First time customer discounts are always nice. Though for some reasons she had to do two transactions and couldn't ring it all up together. Limits per transactions maybe I am not for sure. But the flower for 2 and a half ounces ran me a total of $350 and the concentrates costed me $200 and the singles which my friend bought for me cost me another $35 I got a lot more for my money this time. But this time I did check the 4 closest dispensary prices near me before going. Last time it was I was 7 miles from one I had to go. This trip was a planned dispensary run.



Over the next few days I will give reviews on what was bought.

The single was fire af. We stopped and got something called Blunt Spray and smoked that before we got home. I was having bad spasms and had to medicate. But i can't have my car smelling like cannabis so a small bittle of blunt spray took care of any smell. The minis were good but for what they were they were overpriced I won't by mini's again. Everything else will have a full review but I didn't take a photo of the single I bought and with it prerolled there isn't nugpron to show you so I don't want to do a full review on them.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit.



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Making me jealous as fk over here lol Nice prices on what appears to be some solid herb

They were cool.

happy birthdaze