Chocolope a black market review

4 months ago

A friend gave me some Chocolope

He was going on and on about it trying to get me to buy some of it but at $150 more a pound as apparently it was grown in a greenhouse but I wasn't interested in buying any as I am happy with the outdoor grown stuff I been getting. But he got some and wanted me to try it so he passed me off some and I have tried it and this is my review of it. The genetics is Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze and is a Sativa-dominant strain.


The smell and taste

There is an earthy smell and it also has an earthy taste followed by a taste of coffee. That taste combination kind of was surprising I didn't expect that. Has a flavor that reminds me of the Branch's coffee candies. The taste brought back a weird memory of that candy.


The buzz

It is an uplifting buzz that doesn't last very long, which was disappointing and makes me even happier I didn't pay an extra $150 a pound for it. I am very happy with my outdoor cannabis I been buying. The buzz lasted just over an hour. Very disappointing for what they are charging for it.


I rate this strain a 4

It has a decent taste and smell about it but the buzz is disappointing. I am very glad I didn't pay for this and it was given to me cause if I would have paid that price that he did I would be pissed the buzz doesn't last very long. I would pass on this strain if there is something else to choose from and go with a better strain.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



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$150 /lb ..... nice thought.....: )


right I am with ya no it is $150 more than I normally pay and is not worth it I was sad it wasn't as good as the price suggests.

$150/lb?!?! That's an amazing deal!


No it wasn't $150 a lb it was $150 more a pound. I currently pay $1300 this strain isn't worth paying $1450 for, shit I would only buy it if it was $1000 or less a pound.

Sad it was disappointing, but good it was free then. I don't like to pay high prices for things not worth it. I guess this is a strain I should not try in the future unless it is on a deal haha


The buzz was good just didn't last long and that always sucks when it doesn't last long. I am not one to say it is good or fire if it isn't.