Cherry Punch another legal review

last month

Today on the menu I have Cherry Punch

This is the third of the strains I bought. Cherry Punch is a really nice strain full of flavor. And a pretty high THC count at 26.4%.



The smell and the taste

It has a skunky fruity smell and the taste has a light but full berry flavor. The flavor reminds me of something but I can't place my finger on it. But I am enjoying the flavor on my tastebuds.


The buzz

The buzz starts out as a sativa-dominant buzz de-stressing and relieving anxiety. But as yiu come down it starts to act as an Indica so unless you want to keep topping off the buzz throughout the day or want to take a nap a couple of hours later this strain is better for night time use.


The price

If you have been reading my blogs you know I am suffering from sticker price shock. At $565 an ounce this strain is overpriced. I decided that was too expensive for me. So I only bought an 1/8 and that cost $79. Now I did get 20% off for being a new customer but still I am use to the same quality for no more than $40 an 1/8. I had a need to buy legal just once. But the prices will keep me from too many repeat buys. Though I may go get dabs occasionally.


Overall I rate this strain a 10 for the product a 5 for cost

The taste, the smell, and the buzz are all what I like in a cannabis strain. So I rate this strain a 10. But if I also through the cost into it I would have to rate it a 5. No cannabis is that good to be worth the price they are charging for it. And that isn't 100% taxes making it so high in price. That is corporate greed that care more about money than they do people.


I am off to smoke this joint

So till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit.



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