Cheese another blackmarket review

2 months ago

I am back with another blackmarket review

Sorry for the long absent. I been working on my studio, in the garden and to be honest I needed a break somewhere. So I took it here as I am nearly always burning the candle so to speak at both ends and it is hard to find room for a third end to burn. But I am back and will be posting daily again starting with another blackmarket review of the Cheese Strain this batch was grown in a greenhouse.


The smell and taste

Before I even saw the label of it being cheese when I opened up the bag, I knew it was a strain of some type of cheese. I had the children of Cheese before but this is the first time I have recieved the original Cheese strain. That cheddar skunky smell is distinctive once you smell it once you know that smell anywhere. The taste is between a cheddar flavor mixed with blue cheese. To be honest it is a little strange on my taste buds and I would never mix those two cheeses in a meal. But it isn't horrible. It just different that what I normally get.



The Buzz

Get ready to get creative as this strain is a strain that makes me want to create. It also is a mood lifter which I personally always love cause even if I am in a positive place I can always use a mood booster. But that is when you use this strain in moderation too much causes good old couch lock and nappy nappy time.



Overall I rate this strain a solid 10

This strain is a really good strain. I give it a 10 for its effects, taste and smell. The grower did this strain very well.


What's to come

Tomorrow I plan on doing an article about when you buy a strain that has a great buzz but looks, smells and taste like crap. Regardless of popular belief occasionally I get something not up to my high standards and am going to share what I do when that happens. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit don't mess up the rotation.



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Wow, that looks like a good time! Like others have commented I haven't tried the straight cheese strain only another strin crossed with cheese. ♡

I have long wanted to try cheese just never seem to find it in anything other then a cross around here 🤟 I’m told the original cheese is a real treat


Same here till yesterday and it is a treat. Sending you good vibes that cheese becomes available for your menu soon.


Thanks my dear 🤟