A visit to Green Stem Provisioning

last month

I finally bought my first legal cannabis myself

Today I went to Green Stem in Michigan. I commissioned a Christmas gift for my daughter from a friend who lives fairly close to a legal dispensary. So today I traveled to see him, pick up the Christmas gift from him and bought another gift for my husband too. Then my buddy and I headed to the dispensary he frequents. Green Stem Provisioning. They are doing by appointment or curb side only atm. So we did curbside.


We pulled up into the parking lot

I pulled into a space and there are signs to call or text. You can also place online orders for pick up but I wanted the budtender experience so I opted to call and have them bring me a menu.


So the budtender comes out to the car

Gives us a menu and takes our orders. A few minutes later he comes back with our order filled. It was a smooth easy process. And it was so nice not to have to worry about being arrested for buying pot.


The prices OMFG

Like seriously I got sticker shocked. Those that live in legal states how do you afford to smoke? Cause I spent way too much money today for legal weed. The black market is just as good but so much cheaper. I got a discount for being a first time customer. But even with that discount I got 23 grams of cannabis all together and 1 gram of concentrates and spent almost $400 with the discounts. I can buy and ounce and 3 grams of concentrates in the black market for that. The taxes alone was just over $55. That is crazy the government is in it so much. Without all that tax the prices are not too bad still a little high but they do have overhead blackmarket dealers don't.


The service though was top notch

The budtender was knowledgeable, and told me what to avoid. I didn't buy any edibles as everytime someone gives me edibles from legal markets I am disappointed. My homemade edibles are always stronger. But it was nice to finally buy legal cannabis.



I have only tried the Fruity Pebbles so far

Tomorrow I will write a review on it for you guys. For now I am tired, hungry and want to eat, get stoned and pass out. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit. And go check out their website at www.GreenStemMI.com if you want to know where they are located so you can check them out.



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It really is quite the overwhelming experience the first time 🤣🤣🤣


Not too bad really except the price shock. No strain is worth $600 an ounce JS


Damn that's some real stuff



yea it is insane what they can get away with charging in the name of it being a controlled substance SMH

The height of civilization in the US is envied, i wish every country had a place like that. Get high 🔥😗💨😎 buddy.

Wow this is really awesome👏✊👍