A new light for another blackmarket review Purple Haze

11 months ago

Today's review is on Purple Haze

A sativa-dominant mix of Purple Thai and Haze strains makes up Purple Haze. This strain is a great day time strain with creeper qualities. Today I found an Elf Selfie Light that I attached to my phone and the difference in the photos from my phone with this light is very noticable from my other phone photos. Lighting makes all the difference in the world with photos.


The smell and taste

The smell has a sweet berry flavor as does the taste but the taste also has a punch of spicy flavor with it. The smell isn't as overwhelming like many other strains I pick up but it is very nice wven without an overwhelming smell.


The buzz

The buzz is energetic, but at first you womder if it is a little bunk as the buzz doesn't hit right away this is a creeper strain that fully kicks in about 15 to 20 minutes after smoking it. It is also nice for chronic pain and migraines. And my middleman says it is an excellent strain for his asthma.


Overall I give this strain a 9.5

I prefer heavier buzzes than this strain provides so itnloses half a point for me for not being so heavy. But it gains a lot of points for the smell and taste and the buzz. It is nice when you have work to do and need to make sure you are not falling out.


I got a new light for my phone

I was out and about today and found an elf selfie light. Got to thinking about when I take nug porn photos with my phone that it might come in handy. So I bought it, it has three settings and I think it improves the Nugporn photos from my phone.




Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so fire that shit up.



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Yeah I need to up my photo game. This looks cool!


I am impressed on how a little light like that improved my cell phone photos.