Today's Smoke - Purple OG Kush

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last year

Today I am smoking on the last of my Purple OG Kush, a very powerful strain. This was given to me from a roommate, but originally came from a dispensary. There wasn't much purple in the buds I received, but the larger buds in the bag did have purple splashes all through them.



This indica is an excellent strain for sleep, and puts me right out after a few puffs. It provides a near instant body high, with a nice head follow up.

The smell and taste has a hint of pine, and a fruity/berry, mixed with an earthy smell. Burning it releases a very strong skunk type smell in the air, even in small amounts.

To feel it's effects I only needed about a 0.1g bowl, and if I wanted to go to the moon I'd do two of them.

I will be sad when the last of this is gone, as I don't have anything yet to replace my sleep weed. I require a good indica to sleep otherwise I wake far too many times a night. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nap, or a really good high.

This last photo isn't my own, I grabbed it to show what it could look like if I knew how to use my camera properly.

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Nice, its sounds like this weed sure knocks you out hard ;)
And the taste sounds amazing!


It was pretty freaking good, and gave a wonderful, long knock out.