Another Marys Order Arrived

last year


This morning I was greeted by the purolator man with another parcel from @maryssecret! I have been a customer there for a while now, but they recently joined smoke!

As usual, the product was securely packaged.

Express envelope, nice!

Package within a package.

Vacuum sealed so the delivery guy doesn't get the urge to smoke my stuff!

The Product

I got an OZ of Critical Jack, a balanced hybrid.

Plus 2gs of Banana Kush shatter.

The Free Sample

As usual my order came with a free sample, this time it was a 25mg "mari grape" gummy!


The Details

The order came to a grand total of $137.34 (CAD) including taxes and shipping and arrived at my home three days after ordering!

You can sign up using my referral link and get us both $25 off an order over $100, or if you are one of those people who despise referral systems, just skip over me and head on over to

You must be a resident of Canada and be 19 or over to order from Marys Secret!

Short Review

You get a little more than what you pay for with Marys, a $3 g will look, taste and smell like a $6 g you used to get on the street (bulk street price). Their top shelf $10 gs will be just that, top shelf, no garbage stems or leaves, loaded with crystals. The shatter is always good quality or better. Plus you can't beat a free sample with every order (so far anyways).

The product is always well packaged, and arrives quite quick for going all the way from BC to NS. This is now my main source to get my smoke!

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Man, Thanks for sharing this it helps us all know they are legit. I am hoping to make an order soon with them to test them out. Maybe you can drop some #nugporn to see what they look like close up.

Also is the shatter really dark or amber?


The stuff I picked up this time was rather dark, but is from the $20 section. The God Bud shatter I picked up before was much lighter in color, but was $40 a g.

I plan on taking some close ups and review later, I'd just really like a lens kit or maybe even one of those cheap digital microscopes to take better nugporn!


thanks for sharing that I will likely try tthe flower that shatter looks homemade but as you said it is cheaper and the 40$ shit is likely flower vs trim run.

The cheap lens make a huge difference that is for sure

Looks like an amazing deal for all that. Love the mail delivery in CA too! that is super nice.


I am quite happy with the prices and product. I tend to buy from the lower price brackets wherever I can, and try to get the "best high for my buck".

I wouldn't mind getting a few deliveries like these at my front door. Bong on bro. :-)

Very neat. Another awesome reason to live in Canada!

I somehow envy you guys that you can order it via post just as easily you do.


It is so much better being able to just order online and have it arrive, the only downside is you can't see the product before you buy. That's why it's important to weed out the good sites and sellers from the bad.