Girl Scout Cookies

9 months ago

Girl Scout Cookies

Species: 60% indica
Genetics: Durban Poison and OG Kush
Effects: Happy and uplifted
Flavor: Sweet and fruity, slightly minty
Potency: 25 to 28% THC


Girl Scout Cookies is one of my favorite strains. I first had this bud a few years ago in Oregon. The aroma stood out above dozens of other varieties as irresistibly tantalizing.

I was also attracted to the purple coloration on the edges. However, I never found a batch with purple hues again. I'll never forget this first batch I had and the remarkable smoke.

This award-winning ganja never disappoints. Despite being indica dominant, the effects are mentally stimulating and will leave you with a gleaming smile. The high THC content is unique to GSC feels like a sativa. However, the indica genetics make this strain particularly well-balanced.

The flavor is just as delightful as the aroma. It tastes just like candy. I love this bud in the evening when I'm ready to laugh at a funny movie with my bf.

Although the high leaves me feeling creative, the couch lock is preventing me from pursuing any projects. I'll never get bored of this all time favorite.

I also recommend any strains crossed with GSC. This bud is also an excellent medical strain for anyone suffering from stress, loss of appetite, or insomnia.

Have you tried Girl Scout Cookies? Tell me about your experience below. What's your favorite GSC hybrid?
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Nice post. Who doesn't want a "gleaming smile" with minty breath? : )

Excellent Nug Shots! GSC is one of those strains that has never let me down 👌

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Time Is Running Out


Thanks! Will check it out!

My first grow.

..never tried it.. but looks and the information sounds like it could be one of my favorite...enjoy..merry Xmas..up..follow you..resmoked..


Thanks and happy new year!