Archeology Of Cannabis - Episode 5

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No doubt, the relationship of humans with cannabis has been dated back to the era of our ancestral hominin species; as seen in the last episodes, And there are untold historical richness of cannabis in relation to humans throughout the world's cultures (both present and past), and that is why cannabis; as it were; has been part of our existence. We shall yet again be exploring the historical richness of the cannabis... Welcome again to another episode of the Archeology of cannabis. Let's grab our vapes and flow along in this highness.

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During the ancient times, the usage of cannabis for its medicinal purposes flourished in the ancient Chinese territory, and this was made popular by one of the emperors believed to be one of the three ancient Chinese celestial emperors; the emperor Shen Nung. He was also recognized for the part he played in Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), and also a patriarch of Chinese acupuncture and ancient pharmacology. But awesomely enough, a vast majority of the book he wrote about the TCM were centered on the medicinal uses of cannabis. And that was how the journey of cannabis began. Soon after, the nomadic tribes of the ancient Chinese kingdom (of which some have been believed to have come from the Yamna tribe) took along with them cannabis to the other parts of Asia, and that was how cannabis found its way into the ancient India. But as against the ancient Chinese that majorly used it for its medicinal purposes, India championed a course in its usage recreationally.

Some historians have also believed that these nomadic tribes are also responsible for the proliferation of cannabis to the ancient Babylon (present day Iraq, stretching to the ancient Iranian territory). In the Indian territory, even though cannabis was used recreationally, they also attached some level of spirituality to it. This was evidenced in one of India's oldest spiritual books; the Holy Vedas. Right in the book of the holy vedas, cannabis was recognized as one of the five medicinal plants known to humankind.

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Still buttressing on the spirituality of cannabis in the ancient India territory, one of the Hindu gods called "Shiva" was also referred to as the god of cannabis (or bhang; as used interchangeably), and who was also one of the patriarchs of yoga. But as it were; even though Hindus found place in spirituality for cannabis, Hinduism is not the only religion of the ancient indo region to accept cannabis for its spiritual properties. Even the likes of Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and even Zoroastrianism - just to let you know how highly placed cannabis was in the Indian spirituality. Though the Zoroastrianism was majorly practiced by the ancient Babylonians - and the founder of this religion; Zarathustra, was among the earliest to mention cannabis in relation to spirituality; as it was evidenced in the holy book; El Zend-Avesta.

It is not surprising that they used a mixture of bhang (cannabis) and wine to hibernate their body, while they go on a kind of soul-travel. During those earlier times; in the Babylonia and Persian territory, you can't talk about spirituality without mentioning bhang; which is also cannabis. Just to let you know that cannabis has found its place in almost every aspect of our existence.

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If this history holds, then why have we refused to come to terms with the goodness of cannabis? Why has this part of the history been hidden from the eyes of many? This is the question that has always crossed my mind each time we mention the lost historical heritage of cannabis. In one of the previous episodes, we saw how Africa flourished in the consumption of cannabis in the pre-colonial times. But how sad, in this present day, apart from South Africa that has legalized; to some extent; the usage if cannabis, all other countries have maintained illegal stance towards the usage of cannabis - and that includes Nigeria.

But I believe that, together, we would champion a righteous course towards the full legalization and legality of cannabis; both for medicinal and recreational uses.

The pot is good, and we need to call it good - @samminator

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With the richness of cannabis in relation to our historical heritage, it is only normal for cannabis to find usage in various aspects of our lives. I sincerely hope for when everyone would join in the movement for the full legalization of cannabis.

Smoke on guys🌿🌿.

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Just did. Let smoke some Shiva together. Haha


You be made an amazing write-up over here bro, nice job

Cannabis is part of man, written bold in our history, our forefathers survived much pains through these plants, they were more organic and original, we only grew to become more synthetic, preferring the synthetic fentanyls with low therapeutic index to the morphine and cannabis which are more organic and have almost no adverse effects on our organs and tissues.
@samminator always does great with the ink.

@vrbts since you mentioned the bible
GENESIS 1 :29-30 READS; And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.
30.And to every beast of the earth and every bird of the air and every creature that crawls upon the earth everything that has the breath of life in it ,I have given every green plant for food.”

Genesis 6:21
"You are also to take for yourself every kind of food that is eaten and gather it as food for yourselves and for the animals."

Genesis 9:3
Every living creature will be food for you; just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you all things.

Genesis 2:16
And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

5 .Genesis 9:3
Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
To My understanding of the bible "Having Green plants as food" simply means consumption by humans. So marijuana as long as marijuana is on planet earth we good to go for consumption,

I think cannabis was mentioned in the Bible as the miracle plant...

This is great. I'm going to share this with my community. Keep up the good work.