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The Chrono

If you've been following you will know that I've been doing unboxing review's of MoM's (Mail Order Marijuana) here in Canada to show that they ship and are legit as well as doing the reviews on the strains from them here on smoke in the hopes to get them to notice smoke and get the smoke name out to these companies that are all over Canada.

I did an unbox the other day, It was just a quick one showing off the package from cannawholesalers. I thought I would start to do better unboxing videos from these places.
I am not one to do videos that is for sure,I have been thinking I should start to make them more with my grows and these unboxing maybe even some strain reviews by video who knows but for now I will stick to the unboxing videos.
When I came across this site I was quite shocked to see it was priced in bitcoin, I have paid with crypto before but most places just use coinpayments as a way to accept crypto. That is them not really using crypto as a payment, As at, they had it set up to accept it from a wallet on site, Not a third party payment processor. The prices were a little higher BTC vs CDN but the day I went ahead and ordered crypto was on the high so I am going to go with the prices are not live with the bitcoin price but that is no big deal as shipping was free so that alone saves me $25.


I also got a coupon upon sign-up that gave me another 15% off so that lowered the price even more and for a total of $210 CDN or Ƀ0.04 I was able to get myself.

1 gram BC nector DEATH star shatter -

14 Grams(15.71grams) - Orange Skunk


3.5 (4.5 grams) - Grease Monkey

3.5 (4.7 grams) - Lavender Skunk

2 (3 grams) - Blue God


2 (4.7 grams) strawberry Romulan

2 (3 grams) - Violator

Now I am well stocked up with another order in the mail from cannawholesalers. I am going to have to get taking all these #nugporn photo's,

#review #strain #thechrono #mom



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Nice!! At first your voice was low but not until the "this is go sign up " lol,
Really fire strains you got there, have fun 👍


I have noticed the voice is really low, I will have to fix that on the next video.

  ·  last year

Yeah,nice selection.

Nice assortment you grabbed. I can't wait to see the Death Star!


Yeah it is, I should have shown the shit off better, in the next video I will be sure to do better haha

Shit mate, those buds look lethal, I bet they will knock you on your arse. Bong on bro. :-)

variety is the spice of life! Nice stash, enjoy!

Oh wow. So someone made a site to pay with crypto. That's great! There are a lot of names there that got my attentuon
Strawberry Romulan, Blue God the most.


They have been around for a while one the first to order form online, But they started to accept BTC and price it that way. They are great names, I have had a lot of god strains so I had to had to try a blue god, and Romulan is a good heavy indica that is always a good smoke

Mournful salute and reverence,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


This is Interesting, I also am in Canada
and I wasn't aware of this one...

Video is a bit short though,
for an unbox, you could have
reveled in the happiness
a bit more, maybe?

Couldn't RESIST the opportunity to CRITICIZE!

So far, I recommend

Which offers options to pay either in
LItecoin, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash,
the payment gateway works well
AND is compatible with
the Electrum LTC Light Wallet,
meaning it automatically fills the blanks
with the appropriate info,
like the EXACT amount to send
& the address where to send it,
only asking for your password
before sending the coins
and getting instantly confirmed!


BTW, I recognize you,
YOU'RE that guy on steemit
named @reddsfalling or something!
Aren't you?


Love is the Law, love under will,
The Reverend Maelstrohm Black


I am not that person that you are talking about, On steem and whaleshares I am also skylinebuds. I have heard mykush but I have not tried that site yet maybe I will have to.

14g orange skunk for ~$35?! That's a bargain and a half!


35 an eighth but the orange skunk was still only 65 a half o