Phlizon 600w - Quantum LED light - 2x2 Grow Tent Test

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4 months ago

What's up smokers? Have you ever got to test a product? I have been looking around Instagram and other places to see how to be able to test growing products.

With Instagram, I was able to find the phlizon looking for a tester on their new LED 600w. I was excited to see that phlizon was looking for some testers as I have run a blurple light of phlizon for almost 2 years now. The 600W blurple light I have used has had ZERO issues to date.

Top Features
High-efficiency white light quantum board with Samsung 283/LM301B/LM301H diodes

White-light full spectrum for optimal canopy penetration and easy viewing

Ideal for all growth stages

No fans, ZERO noise. Large solid aluminum heat sink, high-quality protective covers for cables, waterproof LED, high safety performance and dimmable Mean Well driver.

Designed for worldwide growers

With this features list, I will compare one by one with my own results to the best I can.

  1. With the first thing, I can't tell the LEDs without taking the light apart so this one you have to go by word or take the light apart to see.
  2. White light is much better light than blurple ever was.
  3. This light may be good for all stages of growth with the light being adjusted. This will be tested as I grow with it.
  4. Zero noise is a true thing with these lights. I am not sure the whole point or that this is a selling point as no grow room has no fans. the waterproof is a great thing when you are running in a grow room with possible water at all times.

dimmble meanwell driver

is not existent on this light. The light I got has a fahold driver. I am not sure why the site list they have a Meanwell driver when it does not. I plan to contact them and see why this has changed.

600w phlizon light

In this unboxing video, you will see that the light was packaged great for shipping. The light was packed in styrofoam tightly packed in the box with the hanging cables.

Contents of the package:

  1. Light
  2. Hangers
  3. warranty cards
  4. Information card

When you look at the light it is one of the nicer looking lights on the market. With the aluminum hood, it makes for a nice reflector. It has a Logo sticker on the front with phlizon etched into the side.

On top of the reflector, you will find the fahold driver. This driver seems to be rated closed to a Meanwell driver as it is not a blank Noname Chinese driver. I am unable to check power draw but I will have to but one a do a update later.

With the driver, it is not a detachable one. It is on a short cord that is leading to the dimmer. The dimmer is a well-needed feature that it has an on and off switch.

The power cord that is attached to the driver is one of the cons to this light so far. it is only xxx feet. I think these companies would be much better if they could add in a 10-foot cord. The reason I think the 10-foot cord is needed is for people that prefer to run the power bar out of the tent.


  • less heat
  • white LEDs
  • On/Off Dimmable switch
  • Good LUX at 12-18 inches


  • Not a mean well driver
  • None removable driver

With the spread on these lights more center focus You can get away with one 600w for vegging plants. I would recommend 2x 600w for flowering 2x2 tents.

When it comes to these quantum lights they are really making huge moves to help bring the cost of a good grow light down.

In conclusion, I would give this 8 / 10 for a review, The reason being the power cord is to short to reach out the tent comfortably. The other point is a Meanwell driver is the go-to driver in the LED space. I am not saying fahold are not good drivers but they are an unknown brand in the LED space.

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Keep on sharing. Very interesting.

Great review!

Great review, but the light looks cheap.


Yeah there just trying to bring good LED technology to the masses. The Good LED lights used to have an entry price of 400$. Now your seeing companies like Mars Hydro produce good LED at reasonable prices. I just harvested 5 oz off a 150 watt mars hydro. The light cost me 130$


That's whys its called a budget light. At 100 CDN it should look cheap but if the driver and LEDs work that's what counts