Mary's secret Review #1 - Mail Order Marijuana Review #2

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Mary's secret Review # 1

I had started a series about reviewing Canadian Mail Order marijuana sites. You can find the first one I did was Chronic By mail. When I started this I was hoping that I would be able to do more reviews but I have just not been ordering online as much.

This is the second of many more to come for Mail Order Reviews I can say that as the prices in town vs the quality is just not around that is for sure since my old guy decided to quit selling.

Mary's Secret

I am sure you saw post now and than from this Mail Order place, If not here is a link to who they are here. They have posted a few posts here on smoke, It would be great to have them more active but trustme this is a start. Here is another member on smoke showing off @maryssecret @taskmanager I thank them for this as it pretty much giving the OK to order from them as the product will at least show up.

I do have to have to say shipping on this has been one the best I have ever dealt with, I ordered this Friday morning and by Friday night it was in purolators hands. I was quite shocked at this as I was figuring it was never going to even get sent out till Tuesday as it was Friday and than the weekend and Monday was a holiday here on most of Canada so that I figured would have stopped mail from moving. The shipping was also free when you order over $150 so I of course made sure that I was doing going to get free shipping.

Banana Kush Quarter slab

This slab was for a friend of mine, it is really think I would have preferred it was a bit thinner but that is not a big deal. I am going to be doing reviews as I said on all these products 1 by 1 but this was a bit dark on the first look at it.

Alien OG

This was one the $25 grams of shatter they had to offer. It is a much nicer looking gram than the slab had looked like.

Popcorn Kush

This I paid the low low price of 21 dollars for a quarter and let me tell you that is a killer deal of for what I seem to have got. It looks like a mix bag popcorn nugs.

Sour Tangie

This was just 1 gram of the top line they have to offer that I want to see what the scale they had was form bottoms to top.

Free mari bears

These are a few free edibles that I got from them with my order, I will not be trying these I will leave that up to a friend as I do not know what is in them but I am going to guess they are not vegan and well I don't need to take my chances.

watching this after I noticed I have my phone upside down or something

In the end I would have to say I am very happy with the order, I will do a nice little review on each strain/product starting tomorrow and I will let you guys know how each one is and you than CANADIANS can decides if you wanna order from them



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Your lucky to have such options man! Good stuff, Im jelly


I hope to see more and more people around the world able to show "legal" weed soon, Governments need get heads out their asses plus it takes a lot people standing up fighting for it.


Welcome to smoke by the way

Hope that @maryssecret sees this and maybe decide to take this platform seriously instead of that ad dumping we saw. Am also glad that it is a legit business.

That upside-down video tho haha


Yeah, that is my hope is that they see they can do some good on smoke and be one the first MoM's to join in Canada could be huge for them.

Phones, like really what makes it think I wanted to take that upside down


Phones don't think, silly :P


It should haha,

Thanks for making me feel sad 😔
Why can't I order like this? Ya lucky, you don't know how much.


It makes me sad people don't have the freedom to order like this as well

$21 a quad, thats a killer deal. Ill have to check the video after work


It really is a killer deal

Can't wait to see the day this will happen in Europe....those stoopid politicians we have getting whacked on Cocaine and gin-tonics and us the stoners are the ones with the criminal tag stuck on us

Video filmed in Australia? :P


Yeah we are used to being upside down here, Lol, bong on bro. :-)

Mail order strains ... you are one lucky toker!


Thing is if Canadians can send weed in mail for atleast 10 years why can't it work in other places

I am hopeful that some day i'll be having all these varieties. Right now i am just a starter so can't go all out as i need a lot of things to learn but at some stage i'll be making orders on all these different breeds.

Even in Colorado where we have recreational laws, there is no mail order unfortunately.

Great site review and can't wait for the strain reviews. Sour tangie cought my attention so I'll be patently waiting for the review to read it.

That's a massive amount of fun for just $150, wow you are spoilt for choice mate. Enjoy your smoko and I will look forward to the reviews, bong on bro. :-)

I knew you Canadians were wild! What a world we live in lol

Do they send it abroad?
That's a dream here... to order special strains at your doorstep...
Lucky you! Looking forward to a day when I could act like that...


No most legit places don't send out side canada. Not worth the risk