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Today I am going to bring you the third part of I hope endless reviews on Canadian MoMs (Mail Order Marijuana). This time it was a large order that I split on with a few people to get the price we can by ordering a bulk order.

The was the small unboxing video that I have made, after I made this I thought to my self that I should start to make better Unboxing videos that is showing the flower off maybe. So let's see what I can do for the next unboxing that will be Tuesday or so as I have another one in the mail and that is a special order that I can't wait to show off.

sour tangie review was suppose to be posted last night

Who is cannawholesalers,

We formed as an industry of cannabis growers who exclusively sold to those that owned marijuana related businesses such as dispensaries, online mail orders and concentrate production labs. As time progressed and more demand came from our purchasers, we decided the most efficient way to continue growing our operation was to open our customer base not only exclusively to businesses, but to all those who seek to save money on bigger purchases as well. We have come up as one of the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Canada. Currently with over 80+ Facilities in British Columbia, we carry the largest varieties of Cannabis and have the most consistent rotation of strains. So don’t worry about your favorite strains disappearing after you get a taster!

In the order I have picked up some of the following strains and you can click that follow button to catch the reviews of each strain come out soon.

Lavnedar - Pics-Art-02-22-01-06-58

Pineapple jack - Pics-Art-02-22-01-08-35

Lemon Cake - Pics-Art-02-22-01-09-59

Free sample - cali kush

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Dude they let you order over a half lb in the mail there? WTF?


They do not let you, This i not a "legal" place it is the blackmarket. Legal it is 30 grams

Funny how the legal suppliers ship it to ya pretty much the same way the black market ones do with the vac seal. How much can you get at once?


Vac seal stops the smell and stops stolen packages. an oz I think goes for 150 o so for these ones, I can get way more costly strains but I smoke way to much to do that

Looking forward to that Lavender review. Soma the breeder is originally from the USA but was one of the main shakers in the Amsterdam scene, he is based now in Spain. I did a grow a few years back with clones of almost all of his catalog....It ended up in a logistic disaster as there were 4 or 5 plants from each strain....his NY Diesel was supreme, one of the most creative highs ever, but, Lavender was sooooooo tasty you couldn't get your hands off her


I never knew any of that so thanks for the lesson haha,

They all look good. If like to try some of that lemon cake though!


I was shocked at the looks for the price

pineapple, like the jappanise song!! :D

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Wow thats awesome, great work